Black Belt Hell

 Cindy with spearIt’s been 6 months since I tested for my black belt and I feel like I’m finally managing “black belt hell” as they call it. 

I’m pretty proud that I’ve learned almost all of the 10 required forms and that I can actually remember them in addition to all of my lower belt material.  I’ve been hitting practice fairly hard — going to the morning classes three times a week and practicing at home on the weekends when I’m unable to make Saturday black belt classes, which has been often lately.

I know I have time to learn all of these forms, but I like to learn as much as I can early enough so I have time to practice and perfect, rather than cramming close to the test.  Call me an overachiever I guess.

Or maybe it’s just that I love the material.  It’s incredibly challenging — both physically and mentally — and the more I work at it the more natural I feel.  I love the tiger forms — I feel much more natural with tiger moves than any of the others I have learned.  And I even love the spear, with which I am finally feeling more comfortable. I know it will take me many more months to actually execute the moves more fluidly.