Setting goals (x-post)

I’m the type of person who writes down To-Do lists, consults my
calendar religiously to figure out where I’m supposed to go next, and
keeps track of the stories I’m owed and what’s been done.

But I’m not so good about writing down goals.

These have been more nebulous, oral.  About the most I’ve ever done is write down one goal and tape it to a place where I will frequently see it.
But I was inspired recently to get off my butt and set some real
personal, professional and health goals by two things.  First, a post I read in a blog I’ve been following.  Secondly, my pal Doug,
an artist who has been working very hard over the past year to
jumpstart his career and who recently wrote down a 5 year plan for his
art and business.

My hope is that by writing my goals down and making them public, I will actually move down a path in pursuit.  So here we go.


3 month

  • Daily time set aside for both family and husband alone
  • Focus on more integration of techniques from How to Talk So Kids will Listen
  • Seek out monthly opportunities for socialization w/o child
  • Begin move to expand family by 1

12 month

  • Re-evaluate balance of career & family (Should I work from home?)
  • Expand family by 1


3 month

  • Set aside weekly time for business development
  • Write concise business plan
  • Increase awareness of House on Payne in local community
  • Secure at least 1 new client
  • Begin at least 1 new project

12 month

  • Generate 5-10 new clients and finished projects
  • Set 5 year goals
  • Increase personal income by 20-30%


3 month

  • Eat Paleo daily, loosening only slightly for Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Drop from 29% to 25% body fat
  • Execute kipping pullup
  • Test for 2nd degree black belt

12 month

  • Add additional weekly Crossfit classes, preferably boot camp
  • Increase endurance, run five 5K races for time
  • Increase upper body strength
    • 21 kipping pullups in a row
    • 80% push press
    • 2x Deadlift
  • Re-evaluate # of weekly Kung Fu classes