snail in the garden 

It’s been a very wet spring in Austin.  As a result, the snail population has exploded — at least in my garden.

While pulling snails off my vegetables on day recently, I posed the following question: Can you eat garden snails?  I was wondering if they could be gathered, or whether they have to be raised under special conditions.  Are certain varieties poisonous?  Or can all of them be eaten safely.

Turns out garden snails can be gathered and eaten, according to an article I found posted on Chow, through Slashfood, called How to Forage and Eat Garden Snails.

Jokingly, I sent the article to Andy.  However, Andy was intrigued, and this weekend, he and Luke put fennel and lettuce in a jar, punched holes in the lid, and began gathering snails.

They hardly may a dent in the snail population, which we noticed this morning when we sat out on our porch and counted dozens of snails on the yucca.  I later found this guy on the cauliflower.

snail on the cauliflower 

Well, as my friend Barbara says, everything tastes good smothered in butter.