‘To do’ tool

I’m the kind of person who keeps lists.  Lots of lists.

I have notebooks full of lists of things to do.  But over the years, those lists have become unwieldy, and unless I’m sitting right in front of that piece of paper all of the time, I’m unlikely see what I wrote down that I have to do.

Hence the reason I’ve tried to bring the To-Do list to my iPod Touch.

What genius to have a To-Do list on the one piece of technology that’s always with me!  Right?  Who’s with me?!

Alas, it was not to be.  I tried numerous apps, and all of them… well… sucked.  Still nothing got done.

(To be fair, I did not try any paid-apps.  I’m cautious about spending money on a program that may or may not work for me.  I tend to test out the free version for a while, and then pop for the paid version if I really like it.)

Finally fed up, I gave up, and the To-Do list on my iPod languished.  Until…

Remember the Milk.

I found this To-Do list site while killing time on my iGoogle page one morning, looking for new items for my dashboard.  I started with the free version, and absolutely loved it.

This is why I really like Remember the Milk:

  1. It’s easy to add a task
  2. Tasks can be added through the website, through the iGoogle gadget or through the mobile app
  3. Tasks are updated on the main site, no matter where you enter them.  All you need is Wi-Fi or Internet access and it’s done.
  4. You can tag tasks.  So, say I have a ton of tasks on my work list, but some are for one project, some are for another… I can tag them and search via the tags so I can find everything for that one project with the click of a button.
  5. Completed tasks don’t disappear.  That drove me CRAZY about one of the iPod apps I downloaded.
  6. You can add notes to tasks and even locations, which would be handy if I had to travel for my job.

Anyway, I found myself getting so much out of Remember the Milk that I popped for a pro account so I could access the iPod Touch app for free. That’s the only downside — the mobile apps only come with the pro account.  But it’s a very reasonable $25 a year, so it’s not a bad deal.

What has been your experience with To-Do lists?  What solutions have you found?

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