Dipping a toe into the Drupal pool

It seems like everyone I’ve been around lately is talking about Drupal, the open-source content-management system that is like a big brother to Joomla.

I worked with Drupal a little two years ago when I put together a site for one of Luke’s teachers, who was branching into infant education.  I modified a theme and entered content for her.

But I’ve read that there’s a huge need for Drupal-themers, and Austin, especially has a huge need.  Sure… I’ve been working with Joomla, but it wouldn’t hurt to learn both, right?

That’s why I signed up for a Drupal Theming Study Group through GeekAustin.  We had our first meeting last Monday.

It seemed a little more formal than the PHP study group I’ve been going to.  We talked about the structure for the group, how we wanted to learn, why it was created and have several tasks to complete before the next one.

Basically, it seemed to the people who organized the group that there weren’t enough Drupal themers to handle the demand, and if there’s work out there, I’d love to do it.

Besides the extensive documentation on Drupal.org, I’m reading two books:

Both are well-written — a little better than the Joomla book I read earlier this summer.  I’m hoping to come up to speed with Drupal quickly so I can get some real-world experience soon, because — as it turns out — there IS a lot of work out there for Drupal themers.

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