Doing “the Hustle”

Remember The Hustle?

I remember learning the dance when I was in middle school, along with a bunch of other cheesy dances.  It was fun at the time.

I was reminded of the “Hustle” by my hectic work schedule this week.  I’m pushing myself for a new project I’m working on.  It’s exhilarating, yet exhausting.

I’m sure I didn’t need to put as much detail into the 3 design concepts I’ve put together, but I really want to show both the client and the people I’m contracting for what I’m capable of.  I also want to show them that I can deliver.

I’m finished with my mockups and am about to put together a PowerPoint presentation.  I’ve never done a PowerPoint before, so I’m learning on the fly.

I’ve also been asked to take the final design and create a Drupal theme.  It’s kind of like baptism by fire here.  But I’m so used to spending my career in a newsroom where deadline pressure is a constant, it’s no big deal for me to just handle the additional responsibilities and pick up the pace.

Despite the early mornings, marathon learning and work sessions, I’m thrilled I’ve been given this opportunity to prove myself.  This could be an awesome opportunity.

Here’s my question — when the heat comes on, how do you react?  Are you at your best?  Or do you crack under the pressure?

Next time, I’ll write about my top ways to cope with deadline pressure.

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