Now… we wait

One of my many goals this year is to add at least 5 new clients to House on Payne’s list of current clients.  No small order!

That goal has been in the back of my head as I meet with prospective clients and write up project proposals.  In particular, once I wrote just recently gave me a lot of worry.

It’s not that it was a difficult proposal to write, but that I knew it could hire me or not.  In the end, after writing and rewriting for hours and wondering whether I should sleep on it yet another day, I decided that the time had come to bite the bullet and send it off.  It was worse to send something more than a week after our meeting than to try to write the “perfect” proposal, because there is simply no such thing.

Now I wait, crossing my fingers and telling myself if it doesn’t happen, I can move on because opportunities abound!

Afterall, one of my other goals for this year is to be the best me I can be.

I will make House on Payne an amazing success.  It WILL happen.

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