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Laughing now: ‘Crappy’ morning

As a mom, I’m used to those quirky moments, funny explanations and little mishaps.  But when those big mishaps happen that make you want to cry at the time — well, those are hard to be prepared for.

Bennie sits innocently on her bedDoesn’t she look innocent?  Meet Bennie, our quirky, loud and lovable Treeing Walker Coonhound.  Rescued from the Nashville Humane Association more that 8 years ago, we’ve learned to embrace her strong personality.  She is quite vocal and has a different bugle depending on the situation.  The bellow sounds different when she’s demanding food, a walk, sees another dog, sees a cat, hears a noise… you name it.

For such a tough dog, she’s a big baby.  She doesn’t like to get her feet wet, and sits daintily on her bed looking sad when she wants attention.

She also HATES visiting the vet.

So when I made the poor decision to let her sit in the backseat next to Luke on the way to her yearly checkup Friday morning, we all suffered the consequences.

About halfway to the vet, while sitting at a light, my nose twitched.

“What’s that smell?”

“Bennie pooped!!!!!!” Luke yelled back.

“Bennie!!!!!!!  Gross!!!!!”  Oh no… what do I do????”

But it only got better from there.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!! She’s peeing, Cindy!!!!” Luke screamed.

“Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bennie, what is wrong with you??????!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Luke was screaming, because the dog was trying to climb on him to get away from the poop and pee.  I was screaming at Bennie to get off him.  Fortunately, our ride to the vet ended soon, and we stumbled in, grateful for the fresh air.

The office workers chuckled as they got us into a room and handed me a stack of paper towels to clean up the mess.  I collected the solids in a plastic bag, because the vet wanted a sample anyway, and mopped up what I could.  Fortunately, I always carrying an old towel in the car, and I could cover up the mess.

The good news continued… the vet spotted a couple of fleas on Bennie (Grrrr!!!), and she grilled us about whether we were giving her Frontline monthly.


Exhausted, we arrived home to a mountain of cleaning.  I did my best in the car, had a meltdown on the phone with Andy, washed the dogs, gathered up small one and made a trip to PetsMart for Nature’s Miracle and new dog beds.

By the time Luke’s playdate showed up for a trip to the pool, I was spent.  I was also relieved to see Andy when he arrived home for lunch and decided to work from home through the afternoon.

There’s just something about being around your best friend that helps you get past a “crappy” morning.  And yes, I am laughing now.