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Your marketing and spelling

Spelling Errors poster: The stand out more when you're trying to be clever.If you need a good laugh and have some time to kill, you should google the words “photo spelling error.”  What you find is HILARIOUS.

I worked for years as a journalist in television and online, and I have a pretty quick eye for spelling and grammatical mistakes.  I’ve been know to mentally correct bathroom wall graffiti.  I’ve also been known to make my own very public spelling typos.  There are few things more embarrassing than posting a big story on the front page of a website that garners thousands of hits every day and then having a viewer call or email the newsroom to point out your mistake.

Yeah — it happens to the best of us.

But there are honest mistakes that are few and far between and then there is sloppiness.  Sloppiness is when it’s obvious you didn’t read what you wrote or that you have no idea the correct usage of “you’re” and “your” and “their,” “there” and “they’re.”

I’ve been on both sides of a business’ online presence.  I’ve been the producer and I’ve been the consumer, so I understand mistakes.  But many people don’t, and when businesses make mistakes in their online marketing materials, it just looks bad.

Your website and your emails to your customers are often the first impression you give a customer.  When I notice spelling errors, my feelings about the business instantly fall.  It just looks unprofessional and small-time.  Plus, if you don’t take the time to read and correct what you wrote, why would I think you would take the time to care about me, your customer?

Think about it — step away from your business — what would you think of a business that misspelled an email headline that’s meant to attract your attention?  What about poor grammar?  In this era of spellcheck — it just shouldn’t happen.

“Yeah, but, Cindy, I’m a terrible speller!”  Guess what — your customers or potential clients won’t give you a pass.  They want professional, and they’ll find a business that is.

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