Fight Gone Bad IV — I did it

For the past week, I’ve been focused on the Fight Gone Bad event.  My nerves have been building, and I’ve had trouble settling down to work all week.  Finally, this morning, I was able to put it behind me, and I think it turned out pretty OK.

I decided last week to go ahead and compete at the Elite Female level, knowing that I would not come close to winning because my reps would be low.  But I decided to do it because I CAN do the weight, and for me it was about turning out and doing the workout. It was to prove to myself that I can do it.

I was in the first wave — we started at 8 a.m.  My coach, Zach, handled the warmups, and we did the regular Crossfit warmup routine, minus the running.  Then they went through the exercises and how the forms should look.  I wondered how many people were there that were unfamiliar — the workout was open to any and everyone, as long as they raised $150 for the charities.

 Cindy waiting for the workout to begin I was the first one to reach my station after warmups, so I had my pick of the exercises to start with.  I decided to start with rowing.  This picture was taken before we started, but I managed to pull out more calories on rowing for each round than I’ve ever done in class.  I think it was 15-12-12.

Wall balls Wall balls are my weakest of the exercises by far.  We were supposed to get the ball above that black line, but I don’t think I ever did.  It wasn’t until the second and third rounds that I even got close to the line.  I was squatting and then jumping up with the ball as hard as I could.  We were using a 14lb med ball.

Sumo deadlift high pull ready position This was the third exercise for me — Sumo Deadlift High Pull.  Andy caught a picture of me here in the ready position.  I felt much better about this exercise… and stronger.  The weight I’m using is 55lbs.  I don’t remember how many reps I did on each round.  I think it was somewhere around 10.  Yeah, I know — low.

Box jumps were next for me.  Andy took some video when I actually did jumps — 13.  On the next two rounds, my counter said I could step up if I wanted, and I did 18 on each.  I wish I had jumped, though.  It would feel more pure.

Push press ready positionI was toast by the time I made it to the fifth and final station — push press.  The bar was loaded with 55 lbs.  I was so tired, I struggled with this exercise.  My reps were very low — around 5 each round.  The whole point is to think “dip and drive,” which helped when I managed to muster enough energy.

Bar above my head on push press 

On the third round, I got so aggressive in trying to push the bar up that I slammed it on the bottom of my chin.  It took a few seconds to compose myself to try again.  It didn’t hurt so much as it rattled me.  I could taste blood, and I realized that I had bit my lip.

bruise from the bar A nice bruise formed under my chin, and it’s tender to the touch.  It’s hidden under my chin, and no one has noticed it except for me.

So anyway, My total reps were 145, according to my counter, but I think he counted my wall balls, which were not above the line, and shouldn’t have counted. I made the mistake of looking at the big board a little later, and my reps were really low compared to the other women in my category.  It stung a little, because I would rather not be so behind everyone else, but really, this workout was for me, not anyone else.  It was about being part of something larger than myself, no matter how it turned out.

Next year I have a benchmark to build off of.  And, oh yes, there will be a next year.

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