Dead sore

I love Thursdays.  Why?

Have you ever had a trip planned, and the day before you feel all excited and anxious because of all the cool stuff you’re going to do?  That’s how Thursdays feel for me — every Thursday.

So despite being sore from Monday and Tuesday’s workouts, I was in a good mood when I saw —

Dead lift
5 x 2
AMRAP in 15 Min
10 GHD situps
10 ring dips
10 burpees
10 Sumo Dead lift High Pulls (M 2 pood / F 1.5 pood)

Let’s be clear — I WILL pay for doing dead lifts again this week.  But I felt good during the WOD.

Lisa and I teamed up because our dead lift max is the same.  We did 5 rounds, but realized we started too light and wanted to bump up another 10#, so we ended up doing a 6th round.

My results: 125-135-145-155-165-175

We had to rush to get started on the 2nd WOD, which was modified to 10 minutes because of time constraints.  Zach also changed it to ab mat sit ups because of the number of people.  I had to modify even further — my sit ups were 5 on each side and my ring dips were scaled with one foot on the ground.

I did the SDLHP Rx, which was hard and slowed me down a little.

Results: 4 rounds + 10 sit ups + 4 ring dips

I’ve got a core workout planned for tomorrow with a little running thrown in.  Hopefully Andy will not be as sore and tired as he was last night so he can join me.

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