Deadline approaches

Yesterday was my last Crossfit class until November.  It was a bittersweet goodbye.

Skill: Dumbbell squat clean
7 rounds max reps
DB squat cleans (M 55 / w 30)
Ring push ups

Results: 35 squat cleans @ 25# / 60 push ups

My due date has come and gone.  Last Thursday was my due date.  I had a good workout that day, but I’ve been so distracted lately, I can’t remember much else.

My doctor won’t wait more than a week past my due date before taking action to have this baby.  That means I have about 24 hours to have this baby naturally.  I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty down.  I’ve been working so hard for so long to avoid a C-section, that this looming deadline has created quite a bit of anxiety.  I’m trying to remain positive, but the idea of going through the C-section healing process — yet again — is quite depressing.


I’m putting updates on hold for a while.  Need to keep my mind on the present, rather than on the future — it’s not like I can control what happens in the future.  Maybe I’ll price some jogging strollers today.  Anything to keep a smile on my face.

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