No burpees. Please.

I did not want to do burpees today.

Or rather — I didn’t want to do them during the warmup as a punishment.

Zach wants us to bring our workout logs to class, and he threatened us with burpees if just one person forgot.  It was bound to happen — I mean, no one’s perfect.  And so on Tuesday morning, we skipped our usual warmup for 40 burpees.

And then someone wasn’t doing them right.  And I guess he didn’t listen to Zach when it was pointed out because that’s when Zach got mad.  And then we had to do 50.  And then 60.  And by the end of that ordeal most everyone was pretty ticked off and worn out.

So this morning, log book in had, I was prepared to tell anyone who didn’t show up with their book to turn around and go home.  But as a testament to how awesome the people in my class are — 100% compliance!  Yay!

Too bad there were burpees in the WOD.

I guess I should start with the strength component.

Sumo Deadlift

Note: This is not a high pull — just a deadlift.  As Zach and Jeff showed us, the legs are wide, the grip narrow.  And Zach said it’s possible to lift more in the sumo form than you usually can on a deadlift.  My buds and I shared a bar and this is what my results were:


Yep — just 5 pounds apparently made the difference between success and a scratch.  It was weird.  Maybe I was distracted or tired or both.  I also felt distracted and tired during the WOD, and it showed in my time.

3 rounds (12 min cutoff)
25 Box jumps
20 Thrusters (M 75 / W 55)
15 burpees

Sadly, I only made it into round 2 before time was called — I finished 1 round + 25 box jumps + 15 thrusters.  But I did it RX!  The thrusters slowed me down a lot as well as the box jumps, but it was important to me to do the RX move rather than scaling just so I could go fast.

That’s how you get stronger, baby!

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