Can I have more weekend hours? Please?

There’s too much to do on the weekends.  And during the week.  Seriously.  I thought that by cutting TV out of my life I would gain time.  What a crock!

The weekend was jammed pack, and by the time Andy and I got the kids to bed Friday and Saturday, we were beat.  Exhausted.  Spent.  No way was a workout happening.

We forced ourselves to follow through on Sunday, and while I did NOT want to do anything, at the end I felt rejuvenated and energetic again.  And I slept really great that night.


Results: 115-125-135-145-155

I’m still clawing my way back up the deadlift ladder, so to speak.  That 155# was hard, and it shouldn’t have been.

AMRAP 12 min
200m run
15 Back Squat
10 Knees-to-elbows
5 Push ups

Results: 3 rounds + run @ 55#

I went kinda slow on the back squats, but depth has been an issue for me, and I was consciously working on going low enough.  The knees-to-elbows were my strongest yet — I had my knees closer to my elbows than ever!  Come on, abs!  Get stronger!

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