Popeye arms

All during Saturday night’s workout, Andy described his arms as feeling like Popeye arms.  I didn’t sweat that much, but my forearms and hands were screaming at me the entire time, too.

So here’s what I started with.  A little kettlebell warmup (devised on the fly, so it wasn’t very creative):

5 rounds
5 KB deadlift
5 swings
5 front squats

Time: 3:40 @ 1 pood

I only timed it to see how long my warmups take.  Looks like I need to go a bit longer, so I’m going to switch over to more AMRAPs.

Then Andy and I both worked on:

Push Press

Results: 65-70-75-80-85

A PR!  I’ve never done an 85# push press before!

3 rounds
200m farmer’s walk
25 Russian swings

I took this WOD from the Kettlebell program, and it was BRUTAL.  I chose to carry my two 25# dumbbells and swing with my 1 pood (16K) kettlebell.  The swings were the recovery, I promise you.  I’m also really glad we did this one under the cover of darkness, because we looked pretty funny walking up and down the street with weights.

Time: 17:31

We’re going to do this one again in a few weeks to test ourselves. I want to improve my grip — it will be good for all of the lifts as well as pull ups. And we all know I want to get better at pull ups.


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