Sugar highs and jump ropes

Hello.  My name is Cindy.  I am a sugar addict.

I can back from “vacation” with a goal to eat fairly clean and get off the sugar until Luke’s birthday party.  AT LEAST.  Oh my.  What good intentions.

It started Tuesday with a lunch seminar at Maggiano’s.  I shunned the pasta, yet ate some of the ice cream off of a dessert.  Then, after a crazy Wednesday, I told Andy it was either wine or chocolate, so he chose chocolate.  And on Thursday… oh Thursday.  Andy and I had lunch and decided to walk into a place at Arbor Walk.

They had samples.

I was hooked.  This is what I had:

Oh Tootie Pies, why did you tempt me with such delicious samples?

This is a horrible photo of the slice of chocolate pecan pie I ate, which was carefully presented on a place with whipped cream and chocolate sauce art.

I am sooooooooo glad this place is not in an area I frequent.  Because it was delicious.

Sigh.  Oh well.  My motto has always been that if you’re going to eat sugar, it should be quality stuff — not crap.

I’m not sure Thursday’s workout even came close to making up for it.

Hang Squat Clean

Results: 65-75-85-85-85

I focused on form rather than weight for this strength session.  The heavy cleans were difficult to master.  Steph and I were working together, and it was great because she was pointing out areas where I needed improvement.  I can’t wait to take the Oly class she’s doing.

For Time:
Double unders
Box jumps

Results: 2 rounds + jump rope + 17 box jumps in 12 minutes

It was 3 singles for every double, but I made at least 10 double under attempts each round.  And guess what!  I succeeded most of the time!  I’m still working on my double unders, but I am proud that I have improved a lot.  It’s starting to click for me, and I’m going to work on them a lot more — not becuase I have something to prove, but because they’re just kind of fun.

Did I just write double unders are fun?


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