Another meeting with “Nancy”

Time to test myself again with round two of another Crossfit girl WOD!

“Nancy” came back for a visit Tuesday.  The last time we did this workout was in May.  I checked my log to see how I did.  I only just barely finished, coming in at 20:00 at 55#.

I decided before class that I would use 55# again and see if I could lower my time.

Then I came back from the warmup run, dripping in sweat, and Zach looked at me and said, “You gonna do this RX?”

“I can try.” Figures.  All it takes is one word from coach.  Yep.  I tried this one RX.

I can’t remember EVER doing a 65# overhead squat before.  EVER.  If I have, it was during a strength WOD.  Not during a met-con.  And NOT for 15 reps.

I felt like I was sucking wind on round 1.  I was too slow getting going on the squats.  I struggled, and I fell way behind where I should have been.  On the other hand — it was a significantly heavier weight.

Needless to say, I did not finish this one in the 20 minutes.  I should have done better, but I’m happy I was able to do the weight.  The next time there’s overhead squats in a WOD, I guess I know what I’m doing!

5 rounds
400m run
15 Overhead squats (M 95# / W 65#)

Completed 3 rounds + run+ 5 OHS RX

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