Time for a change: My meeting with the coach

I met with my coach last week to talk about how I’ve been frustrated with my training lately.

I told him all about how I feel like I’ve been losing ground since the I AM Challenge — how my running feels slower, my strength feels like it’s fading, and how in general, I just don’t think things are going well.

Zach listened and he asked lots of questions.  How much have I been training?  What have I been eating? What do I think the problem could be? Then he offered his advice: change the routine; get out the junk and clean up my nutrition.

It’s advice I readily accepted, and we started to formulate a plan.  My Crossfit workouts won’t change right away.  Soon I hope to move into his Olympic lifting class. In the meantime, Andy and I are changing our home workout routine to be less focused on met-cons and do more traditional strength.

I also asked Zach to help hold me accountable for my diet.  I’m sending him my food logs once a week.  I’m already making changes.  And I’m giving intermittent fasting a try.  I know there’s no single way to do it, so I’m experimenting.  IF has numerous health benefits, according to this article from Mark’s Daily Apple.  Andy’s been doing it frequently for some time.  And now that breastfeeding is slowing down, my appetite has decreased dramatically.  I’m hoping — at a minimum — IF will help me key into to my body’s hunger signals again, because I’m gotten so used to eating a lot of food on a schedule, that I’m eating even when I’m not hungry.

So there you have it.  Change in the works.  We’ll see what happens, right?

It’s already a little weird.  All Andy and I did was strength Wednesday night.  It felt weird, like I needed to do more, even though my arms and legs are tired.

Shoulder Press 3×10
Ring Rows 3×7
Deadlift 3×10

Shoulder Press: 45-50-55
Deadlift: 95-95-115
(Ring rows completed directly under rings with knees bent)

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