Intervals in the garden

Ever since I went back to work, I have neglected my wonderful vegetable garden. Less time plus insane heat left me with little motivation to spend time sweating, weeding and digging among the raised beds in our front yard.

Luke and Andy look at camera while sitting next to a garden bed
Fortunately for me, Andy has taken on the garden with gusto, and he’s managed to keep it alive through this long hot summer. He’s been more successful than I was, starting seeds in the house and transplanting them to the garden. His goal is to grow enough greens and other vegetables to feed not just our own insatiable appetite for vegetables but also donate to other families.

This morning, it was cool enough for us all to spend outside in the garden. Mads and I explored and watched as Luke and Andy mixed up soil and planted new seedlings in the garden. Hopefully those veggies will fuel our paleo meals!

I took advantage of the cool temps this morning, too, with some interval sprints before dawn. I was nearly done before the kids woke up, but they managed to entertain themselves for a little while so I could finish.

8 x 200m
5 x 50m

200s – 1:11 / 1:09 / 1:10 / 1:09 / 1:10 / 1:11 / 1:11 / 1:12
50s – 11 sec each sprint

I also did core training this morning.

3 sets: 5 flags / 6 deadlift twists (each side) / 15 supermans / 8 DB twists (each side)
1 min plank hold

I could get used to these cooler temperatures. It’s been such a relief after that crazy and very long summer.

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