The time has come

Instead of listening to NPR on the way to work Tuesday morning, I blasted my absolute favorite song. It’s my go-to tune — the one I play on my way to the gym when I want to get pumped up.

Us v. Them by LCD Soundsystem starts with this line: “the time has come.” It sets the tone for me. I love it. I was blasting it Tuesday because I was already jazzed about checking off yet another goal — I finished a particular benchmark WOD in under 15 minutes RX.

“CC Flyers”
3 rounds
400m run
21 Box jumps
10 Overhead squats (M 95# / W65#)

Three months ago, the cutoff was 15 minutes, and I did not finish. I decided I would the next time around. This time, they didn’t cut us off at 15 minutes, but it doesn’t matter.

Time: 14:04 RX

It felt absolutely amazing to reach another goal, especially after struggling this summer and fall. I really feel like I’m hitting my stride again. The changes I’ve made and hard work are making a difference.

The goal was incremental, but it was a rung on the ladder toward my goal to be strong.

Time to set some new goals for my ladder.

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