Brain vs. brain: “Hell yes!” vs “Hell no!”

I’ve been pondering a question all week, and so far, I do not have an answer.

How does one tackle a problem when it’s hiding inside yourself?

A little background: On Monday I met with Zach to talk about setting goals and do a body comp. It’s been three months since the last body comp and about 4 since I last sat down with him.

My weight is 5 pounds lower, my body fat percentage just slightly lower — just below 20%. What was really interesting were my measurements. I lost all over, mostly in my chest (no surprise), hips and waist. The average loss was about 1/4″. I have yet to set my goals for the next six months, but I told Zach some of the things I would like to accomplish:

  • 17% body fat
  • unassisted pullup
  • 80# shoulder press

He advised me to set 6 month, 3 month and 1 month goals, be specific and set goals based on how I plan to accomplish farther reaching goals. Example:

  • 6 months: Do 10 unassisted strict pullups
  • 3 months: Practice 10 pulls every other night without band
  • 1 months: Do all Crossfit workouts that call for pullups strict instead of kipping with 2 purple bands

Something like that. He had some recommendations — tighten down on the food starting Jan 2, forget kipping pullups for a while until I get the pullup down, add another strength day into my week and squat (You can’t squat enough, he says) and start entering some competitions — it will give me something to train for. But there’s one thing he told me over and over this week that he says is up to me to fix.

You refuse to get under the bar. You HAVE to be aggressive.

Hmmm… this refusal thing. This lack of aggressiveness. It’s kind of driving me crazy. The conscious part of brain is going through the checklist, setting my body up, firing muscles, screaming like hell to go, go, go! Then, I’m imagining my subconscious or unconscious remembering or imagining something and throwing a wrench in the whole process. Kind of like sabotage.

It’s a lot harder to fight sabotage when it’s inside yourself.

But there must be some way to alleviate a fear of dropping under the bar or being aggressive.  Answering a few questions might help. What is it? Why does it bother me? How do I face it down? Just telling myself to do it has been my tactic, but the results have been inconsistent. Ordering people around is never a good management skill, no matter whether it’s other people or yourself.

Back squats w/ 5 sec pause 65% 5×4 → 95
Hip Power Snatch + OHS 3+3×3 → 35/55/55
Hang Power Snatch + Hang Snatch: 2+1, 2+2, 1+2, 1+1, 1×1 → 55/55/65/65/65
Push Press 5×4 → 65/65/65/80 75

Front squats w/ 5 sec pause 65% 5×4 → 85
Hip Power Snatch + Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS 3+3+3×3 → 45/50/55
Hang Power Snatch + OHS 3+3×3 → 55/55/60
Hang Snatch + OHS 2+2×3 → 60/60/60
Power Jerk 3×3 → 55/70/85

Not getting under the bar is holding back my potential, coach says. Obviously, he’s given me a lot to think about this week.

Have you ever had a mental block that was holding you back? How did you overcome it? I want to know!

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