Don’t call it a diet

scale on stove
It's called a "diet" scale

It’s January 2, and that means I’m starting on my new goals — one of which is to Zone my food and hopefully slough off some more fat and hit my goal.

Andy ran out and got me a new scale because our kitchen scale broke over Christmas — with a little help. (It happens when curious hands drop it on the floor). I used the scale mainly for baking, and I expected him to just replace it with another all-purposed kitchen scale. I was a little surprised when Andy turned up with the scale you see above.

The package said “Diet Scale.” Gees, I can’t stand that word. But it works pretty well for what I’m doing. I weighed and measured everything at dinner — the chicken, cauliflower, collards and carrots. I actually don’t think I ate enough, since I’m supposed to eat 4 blocks of Protein, Fat and Carbs. But I don’t feel hungry, so I guess I’m just fine.

Today was also the first day back to my Olympic Lifting classes. We spent the time getting acquainted with the lifts — or I did, at least.

Hip Power Snatch + Push Press + OHS 3+3+3×3 → 35/45/55
Snatch + Hang Snatch 1+1×5 → 55/55/55/60/55
Clean + Front Squat 1+3×3 → 65/65/65
Back squat 65% 4×4 → 95

SIGH. Zach keeps telling me I change everything when the weight goes up. (See how he had me drop the weight on the snatch-hang snatch combo?)

I feel like I’m causing him great exasperation. I wish it would all just CLICK. How can I make it just click?

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