My Workout World: Tools for mobility

PVC pipe and lacrosse ball
Two of my mobility tools

Keeping my muscles, joints and ligaments healthy is really important. Over the past several months I’ve added daily mobility, stretching and strengthening exercises to my routine. As a result, I’ve noticed I’m not as sore and uncomfortable after workouts as I used to be. Since I work out 5 or 6 times a week, often with no rest days in between Crossfit and Olympic Lifting, alleviating soreness is a must.

I think I overdid it Saturday, though. Some of the muscles in my left hip and glutes started tweaking while lifting weights at home. I should have stopped, but I kept going, and by Saturday night everything in that area was tight. I pulled out my mobility tools and worked on loosening the tension. I was still sore the next morning, so instead of my planned workout, I spent 30 minutes rolling out again. I’m hoping it will help so I don’t have to miss Olympic Lifting on Monday.

I’ve learned a lot about rolling out from the folks at Crossfit Central, the Mobility WOD, and my chiropractors over at Next Level Chiropractic. I bought a Trigger Point kit years ago after a seminar, but I rarely use it. My favorite tools were actually really cheap.

  • PVC pipe
    We picked up a 4-5 inch PVC pipe at Home Depot and cut it down to 2 feet. I use this a lot for major muscle groups, like my quads, lats, hamstrings, calves, etc.
  • Lacrosse ball
    I used to use the Trigger Point ball, but I found it was too soft. Tennis balls are also too soft, but lacrosse balls are perfect for digging in and getting those small areas. My chiropractors have me working on my TFLs (in my hips) every day, but it’s also great for pectorals, biceps, triceps, etc. I picked up a used Lacrosse ball at Play It Again Sports for only 99 cents – deal!

So what was the workout that has me spending extra time rolling out and stretching?

Back squats w/ 5 sec pause 50% 5×2, 55% 5×2, 60% 5×1 → 75/75/80/80/85
Snatch balance + OHS 3+3×4 → 55/55/60/65
Push press + jerk 65% 2+1×2, 70% 2+1×2 → 55/55/60/65
Snatch grip deadlift 3×4 (by feel) → 65/85/95/100
3 rounds: 200m run / 1 min rest

No, it wasn’t the deadlifts. I think it was the back squats. We still don’t have a rack, and my max clean is right around 85# – so I may be feeling the strain from cleaning the bar up and then pressing it over my head into position. I’m hoping to stay active today, keep my muscles from freezing up and becoming even more painful.

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