Me and The Rooster

I have a new neighbor. It’s a rooster.

I’m not sure he knows that I exist. But I sure know he does.

He lives with the neighbors who live right behind me. They’ve had a chicken coop for a while. They warned us a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, they did not share the news by sharing their eggs.

Instead, they sent a polite note telling us they thought he was a hen when they first brought him home as a chick, but as it turns out… he wasn’t. But, of course, they’ve grown attached to him and would like him to stay if no one objects. They asked us to let them know if he bothers anyone or wakes them up.

I think they said his name is Cal. And they said dogs bark louder than he crows. (Ahem. I have to wonder if they were referring to my dogs.)

Of course, The Rooster laid low for a couple of days. Then I finally heard him. The bird gets up earlier than I do — and that’s saying something! He usually gets up before 4am, gets quiet, then starts crowing again around 6am. One night he crowed at midnight!

Stupid bird.

At first I thought I was going to go crazy, and I planned to let my neighbors know he was a nuisance. But in the past few days, I’ve softened a bit. It’s not that he’s not a nuisance anymore, but he’s starting to amuse me. He’s inspired me in a way. I even shot a little video. (Excuse the darkness — it was EARLY.)

I think I might have a love-hate relationship with The Rooster. This could be fun… hee-hee!

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