Trying out boxing

I started something new in the past few months – boxing. And I love it.

I’m taking a class through the YMCA. Yes, I understand that it may not be like a true boxing workout, but I love it just the same. My coach – Danna – is a boxer who trains fighters. She’s incredibly encouraging and introduces me to a new technique each week.

I started out just trying to survive. There are about 10 rounds total of 3 minutes each., with 1 minute “rest.” The first 3 rounds are jump roping, The next three are shadow-boxing. The next 3 are working on the bag, followed by a round of sparring/target practice with the coach and then the speed bag. During rest, we do push ups to failure and the  sit ups.

It’s pretty intense for someone who hasn’t been Crossfitting in a while.

At first I was just focused on staying upright. But as my coach introduced more punches and skills, I began to view boxing differently. I had always seen it as brash and fast. I never know you needed mental clarity needed — but you REALLY need to think.

There were times when I could tune out in Crossfit and just do the moves, but in boxing, you can’t tune out. You have to be spot on with where your body is at all times.

I think that’s why I like it so much. It’s like Olympic Lifting — so mental and so precise.

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