Finding balance in exercise

Kettlebell and mat

I have been cautious about returning to a workout routine.

After going too far into a particular workout regimen that I neglected so much else in my life, it’s probably natural to be a little reticent to return. It took me an entire year to heal my adrenals after Crossfit and all of the other stuff I was doing. I’m not anxious to head down that road again.

So I’ve moved extremely slowly back into any kind of exercise routine that demands accountability. I do best when I workout with a coach or others, but I don’t want to go down the obsession road again. I want balance.

I’m not sure I’ve found it, but I’m giving some new things a try. Well, maybe not new — but the mix is new.

First off — boxing. I’ve already written about boxing here. It is so fun! I go once a week. It’s enough to be a routine without it becoming all-consuming — a little cardio, a little strength — no going overboard with HIIT. So boxing stays.

Then I decided to try out a different exercise class with a friend of mine who’s a trainer. She leads a number of classes at a small private gym very close to my work. I jumped into a women’s circuit class and I really like it. It’s only once a week, and it’s the right mix of cardio and strength for me. The exercises are always different, too, so I won’t get bored. And my friend is a really laid back trainer — super encouraging and works at your level. Circuit training stays.

I work out at home once or twice a week doing some kind of workout I’ve found on Breaking Muscle. Right now I’m doing a glutes workout. It’s a good one — definitely making my butt tighter. I’d like to mix in some lifting as well. I’ve found some good weightlifting schedules on Catalyst Athletics. Home workouts are a good way to bring balance because I can sleep in or adjust the timing or intensity as needed so I don’t wear myself out.

I’m also trying to mix in some running. I hate running by myself — I either go too slow or too fast and it’s SUPER BORING for me. I prefer running with a buddy — someone I can talk to. Plus I’m less likely to skip a run if someone expects me — the whole accountability thing. Right now I’m trying out a new running buddy. Our first run together ended up being 4 miles. It felt good. We’ll see if it works out and we can run together regularly.

I haven’t figured out whether I’ve found the right balance. I just know that I need to be active, and it’s time to get past my fears about exhausting my adrenals and move forward.

Today’s WOD:

A) 4×10 1 Leg Deadlift with Kettlebell
4x 20 Seconds of Plank on Forearms
4×10 KB Swings

B) 4×10 Split Squat with Weight
4×10 Diamond Push Up

C) 3×5 Kettlebell Windmill
3×5 Kettlebell Row *on each side
3x 15 Seconds Side plank *on each side

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