Bad week, good WODs

I’ll just be honest.  It’s been a very bad week — starting about Saturday.

No need to go into specifics.  The reasons are not important to the outside world, and I’m so super private about stuff like that anyway (believe it or not) that I would never in a million years write about them in a public forum.  Let’s just leave it at bad.

Despite that, I did manage to keep up with my workouts this week.  I’ll run through them quickly.


We planned a met-con, but it was raining outside, so we did an indoor strength workout instead.

One-legged squats 3-3-3 (assisted w/ band)
Overhead press 2-3-4 (25# DB)
Bent-over row 5-5-5 (25# DB


This was a Crossfit morning.

Burgener Warm-up (PVC pipe)


Hang Power Snatch  (M 95# / W 65#)
Overhead Squat  (M 95# / W 65#)

Cindy holds up the 45# bar at the end of the hang power snatch
By Coach Carl

Here I am finishing up the move with the 45# bar.  I almost grabbed a 35# bar.  Glad I didn’t — didn’t need to.

Again, Zach called me out that the “preggo lady has the best form in the class.”  It’s interesting that you can barely tell I’m pregnant in this photo.

I finished in 11:07.


Thursday’s at Crossfit have become part lifting and part met-con, and I love it.

Shoulder Press

My max is only 65 on the strict press, so I kept it fairly light, considering.



Pull ups (assisted w/ blue band)
Box Jumps (step ups for me from now on)
Row for calories

I finished last in my class, but it doesn’t bother me — got a great workout: 12:28.


Andy went to the free indoor workout at my gym, which sounded brutal, so I did a WOD on my own.

“Baby Annie”
Double-unders or Tuck jumps

This was a quick one: 5:52.

I really like subbing knees-to-elbows for the sit ups, because it still works my abs, plus I get to work on my grip.  I’m still no good at double-unders, so I tried those tuck jumps, which are really hard!  Much harder than singles!

I should mention that before starting, I swam five laps at Northwest pool with the kickboard, which tired out my legs.

I also started working on deadhang pull ups.  Inspired by the women’s class, I used a band to help me do 10.  My plan is to keep at it every other day, lowering the thickness of the bend until I don’t need help at all.  One day, I’m going to do an unassisted pull up!

Getting the good stuff at home

Andy and I got in a couple of home workouts for our belly challenge — 1 strength, 1 met-con.

On Friday we did a little strength training with the dumbbells.  I’m not used to Andy’s strength sessions anymore, which I think are inspired by Ross Emanit.

We worked on bench press and step ups.  Unfortunately, I realized that I am not able to do the bench press unless I incline a little or put a wedge under one side — too dangerous for baby.  So Andy switched me to overhead press.  I used my 20# dumbbell to press 5 times slowly on each side.

We also worked on weighted step-ups — for me it was 6 steps with both 20# dumbbells.  Ugh — hated those.

We rotated through both of those exercises through 4 rounds.

Today (Saturday) I found a dumbbell met-con.

5 rounds
5 DB deadlift
5 DB hang clean
5 DB push press
5 DB squat

This was a fast one for me — 7:15 with the 20# dumbbells.  I’m growing stronger!

Brummer “Belly” Challenge begins

The challenge Andy and I decided to do began Saturday.

We decided to do this at least a month ago since I would not be participating in the challenges at my gym.

The hope was that we would have an Olympic bar and weight set to use during the 8 weeks of workouts.  That was not to be.  We also have not put together our workouts in advance.

But, we’re still committed to eating clean and working out 5 days a week, including strength training.

Yesterday was the first day I’ve eaten that clean in weeks… maybe months.  We even went out to our favorite haunt for breakfast, and despite being tempted by cheese, and said no. WIN!

I felt awesome when we decided to take Luke for a walk around Lady Bird Lake and finally end up at the bats.  Unfortunately, I overestimated my ability to walk more than 4 miles and walk that distance in my Vibrums.

I’ve been wearing my Vibrums more and more, even for normal things like work and errands.  But my feet were not pleased as the distance added up on the trail, and neither was my body.  Resting all week has meant a lot of sitting on my butt.  I felt stiff and, well… pregnant.  My back ached, my legs dragged, and I had trouble keeping up with Andy who was pushing a heavy stroller, and not walking very fast at all.

While I’m glad I pushed it, because my feet need strengthening, I ended up with a blister under my big toe, and I was too exhausted to do our first challenge workout.

Sigh.  This is going to be a challenge for SURE.

But, no worries.  It’s just the reality of my situation at the moment.  Everything will be fine.  We stayed active — which is a great way to end any day.  We’ll do the workout this morning, and we’ll continue to eat clean.  It might just be the kick-start I need.

A great skate

Cindy, Luke and Steve after the 2010 Texas Road Rash

It’s true, I no longer skate, but watching the Texas Road Rash sure brings back memories.

We made our annual trek to Round Rock on Sunday morning to watch the race.  This was our third year to go.  I love seeing my buddy Steve and watching all of the elite skaters.  Luke’s entertained for a while, and it’s usually beautiful weather.

This year was no different.

Steve rolls past after his 2nd of 6 laps around the Dell Diamond.

Steve, who owns Asphalt Beach Skate Shop in Nashville, Tennessee, sponsors the speed team, which happens to also be called the Road Rash — only they had the name first.

This year he had a bunch of people skating on his team, and two of them stood on the podium after the race.  Steve was thrilled with how he did — it’s one of the first speed skating events of the year.  He’s off to a race in Montreal in a couple of weeks.

Luke and Steve after the race

I don’t think I’ll ever skate the way I used to — there was a time I was really into it.  I even have a couple of pairs of high end skates that are just a step down from speed skates.  But I think the closest I’ll get is teaching Luke to skate.  He told me he wants to learn, but he’s still a little small.  Steve’s going to hook him up with skates as soon as his feet grow, and joked he would be able to race the Road Rash next year.

Ha-ha!  No pressure, Luke!

The Road Rash

Steve skates the Road Rash in 2008.

It’s been so long and I’ve met so many people since then — most people don’t know I spent 2 years working at a skate shop in Nashville.

It was one of the best jobs I ever had.  My boss — the owner of Asphalt Beach Skate Shop — was awesome and a great friend.  I learned a lot about skates, skating and I laughed a lot.  I left only when Andy and I moved back to Austin, but for a long time after that, Steve would joke that we would come crawling back.

Wow — I can’t believe it’s been over 5 years.

A pack of skaters prepares to start another loop in the 26.2 mile race in 2008.

The awesome thing is that I still get to see my friend Steve when he comes down to skate the Texas Road Rash in Round Rock.  Steve is not just the owner of a skate shop — he’s a professional speed skater and instructor, and he’s made the Road Rash part of his yearly speed-skating circuit.

This year’s Road Rash is Sunday up at Old Settler’s Park, right next to the Dell Diamond.  It’s really fun to watch.  I’ve never raced in it — and I’m definitely not allowed to this year — but if you like to skate or you like to watch amazing athletes, it’s worth considering.

Last year, the wind was fierce, and the skaters faced a headwind almost the entire way.  Hopefully, this year the weather will be a little more cooperative.

Lazy Sunday? Hardly…

For some reason, it’s always amazing to me how a day of active rest can completely exhaust me.

Luke really was having a good time when he posed for this picture in the bluebonnets at St. Edward's Park.

I went for a leisurely hike with Luke and friends this morning at St. Edward’s Park in Northwest Austin.  We spent 1 1/2 hours exploring the park, especially the creek, and it wasn’t particularly taxing in the least.

After lunch, I spent the next 6 hours gardening and doing housework.  The work is done, and so am I.  I’m spent.  I might as well have done 3 Crossfit WODs today — that’s how I feel.  So much for a workout.  We’ll just have to do it tomorrow.

Yesterday, Andy and I changed up a planned WOD in order to stay out of the rain.

5 rounds
10 medicine ball cleans (My med ball is 10#)
10 DB deadlift (#20)
10 pushups

I finished in 8:47.

Now… to sleep, perchance to dream.