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Meet Cindy

I have been called ambitious. Driven. I feel adventurous. Looking back on my active life, I have opened and closed the chapters on many phases.

I grew up playing tennis, soccer and softball, but I have always been on the verge of being heavy.  In high school and college, I ballooned, hitting my highest weight at nearly 200 lbs.  It took years of slowly changing my habits to claw my way back down.  But I was never thin, or strong for that matter.

In 2005, I decided to shake things up by joining a Kung Fu program.  I added Tai Chi and swimming to my activity during my first pregnancy, but still, I gained 40 lbs.

With the help of a nutritionist and some intense Kung Fu workouts, I managed to shake off the weight and then some.

For many years I dove into Kung Fu. I even reached the 2nd degree black belt level.

Then there was Crossfit. I actually started this blog under the name CindyFit in March 2009, shortly after I made a radical decision to join a Crossfit gym. I wanted to track my workouts and see what, if any, changes would happen. I Crossfitted through my second pregnancy and my daughter was born healthy and strong.

I spent nearly 5 years Crossfitting before life events happened and I decided it was time to move on.

As a full-time working mom and wife, I could easily throw in the towel and say I’m too busy to be active for myself.  But I love being active too much to do that.

Now, as a business owner working full time for myself, I have decided to focus on my family and professional life. My “gym” is in my office. I have weights, a treadmill, med ball and the Internet to help me plan workouts. Motivation can be tough when client work is pressing, but I’m working on it.

I hope you enjoy.

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