The WOD destroyed me

I did not workout on Wednesday — hence the lack of an entry — and it’s a good thing too.  My legs were really sore from Tuesday’s workout and I desperately needed them to heal before this morning’s workout.

I’m not sure whether it helped.  I struggled through the WOD.  And I do mean struggled.

Sumo deadlift high pulls — 65lbs on the bar
In and Outs
Jumping squats
Wall balls

It was alike all of my worst exercises were rolled into one giant workout.  I barely made it through before the cutoff — 19:17 was my time.  I’m actually not quite sure if I did all the required sets, because my brain was so foggy I kept losing count.  I hurt afterward — almost immediately.

I hope it gets better.


(Note to self — Oatmeal is the best post workout breakfast for me.  Next time, I’m eating oatmeal.)

Cheese omelet with asparagus, hardboiled egg for breakfast
Leftover broccoli stir fry with rice for lunch
Yogurt and berries with granola
Lentil soup

My eating wasn’t bad, but the timing was way off.

100 squats / ring dips / pullups

Today’s Crossfit workout kicked my butt, but it was good.

The WOD was:
Squats 100 / 80 / 60 / 40 / 20
Muscle ups 2 / 4 / 6 / 8

So it was kind of a pyramid thing.  Trouble is, no one could do a muscle up.  Instead, we did 4 pullups and 4 ring dips for each muscle up.  That made it 8 / 16 / 24 / 32 / 40.

I managed to keep my squat form throughout, but I had to slow down in order to maintain.  I did the ring dips with 2 feet on the floor and I did jumping pullups.

I made it through the 40 squats and was at 20 pullups and ring dips when time was called at 25 minutes.  I’m not sure anyone finished the workout.  I’m pretty happy with how I did.  I worked hard and really put as much as I could into it.  My legs feel weak, but not terribly sore, which goes to show how far I’ve come.  We’ll see how I do tomorrow.

I paid particular attention to my diet today — PROTEIN is KEY.

Banana (Pre-workout)
Boiled egg (post-workout)
Breakfast — Oatmeal with banana, strawberries
Snack — Yogurt w/ berries
Lunch — Leftover white beans and greens on toast
Snack — boiled egg, apple with almond butter
Dinner — Spinach quesadilla with beans

I did not want to workout today

 I really felt lazy in Kung Fu this morning.  Maybe it was because I was tired — I never sleep well when Luke gets in the bed with us.  Maybe it was because I didn’t really get a rest day on Sunday.  Maybe because it was dark this morning since the switch to daylight saving time.  I don’t know, but I did not feel like working out.  I heard myself whine when Hugh said we were doing kicks.  And after that, I walked around and helped teach — not much working out there.

I feel pretty good about what I ate today:
Oatmeal with banana and 1 tsp of syrup for breakfast
Leftover sweet potato curry with bok choy (no starch this time) / strawberries / yogurt and berries with granola / 1 hardboiled egg
1 apple with 2 tbsp of almond butter
white beans with braised greens on toast

Rest Day? Well — sort of

Yay!  Today is a rest day!  No scheduled workout for me, but I did put my body through active rest.

We spent more time in the yard raking and bagging leaves and other yard waste.  It was only a few hours, but the sun was intense and my body felt it.  I’m glad to be inside now where it’s cooler.

Doing a little better today as far as eating goes:
Sunday morning special — Eggs and three small pancakes with 1 tsp syrup (don’t forget the coffee!)
1 strawberry popcicle
1 almond butter and strawberry jelly sandwich with fruit
Dinner will be veggie fajitas and pinto beans

Becoming a tiger

My workout today took place in my Saturday morning black belt class.  We spent the first 30 minutes in the back parking lot with spears in hand.  I worked with two other 1st degrees on our spear forms.  I have all of the 4 required spear forms, but it’s been weeks since I worked on them, and the review was good.

Then we went inside and spent the next 45 minutes reviewing yellow tiger, blue bird and working on 1st black tiger.  We spent the longest amount of time on black tiger.  We stood in lines and MJ called out sections of the form to do — telling us to really command the form.  He wanted us to feel like a tiger.

I did.  I love the tiger forms.  They are powerful and vicious, and they only work when you give them every ounce of energy.  If you don’t, the moves have no power — no meaning.

But my arms are tired still, and I couldn’t give it my all.  I’m pretty impressed I could hold up a spear at all.  But sometimes, even though I knew what I was supposed to do — my body just couldn’t do it.  I felt jumbled and weak.

This afternoon I did yard work.  I raked and bagged leaves for over an hour.  I’m tired.

Nutrition was pretty bad today:
Breakfast at Kerby Lane — Harvest omelet, black beans
Lunch — Grilled cheese sandwich with spinach
Dinner — Veggie burger, fries and rings at Hut’s

Very carb heavy tonight.  EAT MORE VEGETABLES.

Kung Fu conditioning workout

 The Kung Fu conditioning class workout was chosen for its brevity — I needed to leave by 8:15 to be at work by 9.

Here’s what we did:

Jump rope — 2 min

The following exercise set 3 times:
Burpees x 60 sec
Bicycles x 60 sec
Dive Bombers x 60 sec
Lunges x 60 sec
Med Ball slams x 60 sec
Rest x 60 sec

Anything with arms was hard for me today thanks to yesterday’s workout, so I left out the pushups and did my best with the dive bombers.  My arms are sore today, but usable, which is a good sign.

I ate 2 muffins today, which was not good for my nutrition, but I also ate:

Oatmeal w/banana
Coffee and milk
Yogurt with berries and granola
Leftover Sweet potato curry with pasta instead of rice
Cantelope (I also ate a muffin here)
Muffin for dinner

I might eat more for dinner, but I haven’t felt like cooking and Andy’s not home yet. 

I almost puked — Xfit JT and followup workout

Today was my first REAL Xfit workout.

I survived.

No max strength today, just intensity.  The WOD was JT — vertical pushups, ring dips, pushups — 21/15/9.
My form quickly fell apart, but I stuck with it and finished in 8:23.

Then he had us do a followup workout with a 6 or 8 lb med ball:
20/Wall balls, 15/med ball slams, 10/rotations, sprint x3.

I nearly died. The wall balls killed me.  My form was awful, no matter how hard I tried.  On the 2nd two rounds, I didn’t even make it to 20.  I was proud I made it to 15 on the 3rd round.  We didn’t time that one.
We finished with planks and some stretching. 

I was shaking for hours afterward.  My goal the rest of the day was recovery food:

Oatmeal and banana at breakfast, followed up by a hard-boiled egg.
Yogurt with berries and granola at mid-morning.
Small cheese sandwich, tomato soup and strawberries at lunch.
Cantalope and apple slices with almond butter at mid-afternoon. / Gingerbread muffin satisfied a sweet craving.
Red sweet potato curry with bok choy, tofu and rice at dinner.

I’m striving to eat most of my calories from frutis and veggies, protein and fat — I am not cutting out bread/grain carbs — I’m just not focusing on them.

Learning a dagger form

 I was looking forward to my Kung Fu class this morning because I was going to learn a new form — the first one since I started teaching more.

I didn’t get to it right away.  After our warmup, I taught a section of Ching Kang to two of the 1st browns.  The form is fairly demanding physically compared to what they were used to as 2nd browns, so I had them do 2 different drills to learn the moves.

Then I went through 3rd Black Tiger with one of the other 1st Blacks who needed to learn the form.  It was good for me, because I got some clarification on some moves that had confused me.

Then we learned the dagger form — swallow swoops down?  I’m not sure what its name is, but it was really easy and short.  I practiced a little at home with a butter knife, because I don’t have a dagger of my own.

 My nutrition was a little off today because of a planned lunch out with the producers at Trudy’s.  I ate spinach quesadillas with mushrooms.  I was not hungry for the afternoon snacks I packed.  Tonight, Andy made cheese omelets with avocado and asparagus on the side.  Yum!