Getting dirty at UTB

There is one thing certain about my gym’s free boot camp workouts — you’re going to get dirty.

Just about every month, Crossfit Central hosts free workouts at their two indoor facilities and one boot camp-style workout under the bridge along the Town Lake hike and bike trail.  They call it UTB, and since current clients DON’T have to bring a friend to UTB, it’s a great way to fit in an extra workout.

Four members of my I AM team showed up Saturday morning for the February UTB, including me.  There was a chill in the air, but I knew I’d get warm fast, so I threw my white jacket next to a pillar and took my place behind one of the dozens of medicine balls that had been laid out in rows.

Just to give you an idea of the locale — it’s right by the lake, in the dirt and grass, under the pedestrian bridge that goes across the lake under the MoPac bridge.  It’s loud from all of the highway noise, but a prime location to be SEEN by the hundreds of runners and walkers that pass by during just that hour.

And it’s a great way to get dirty.

I had leaves and dirt all over my clothes after just the warmup.

The coaches had us do all sorts of stuff — from jumps to around-the-worlds with a partner to something that I can only describe as team plank holds and duck-duck-goose.  The real meat of the hour was this:

For 1 min, 45sec, 30sec do the following with 1 min rest in between rounds:
Wall ball shots
Med ball wood choppers
Shoulder press with kettlebell

When I say we got dirty — I mean it.  The med balls were covered in sand, and the sand would fall in your face for the wall balls.  And of course, my pants were covered in leaves and dirt from the push ups.

After we were done, I met Andy and the kids for a trade off.  Andy took Luke to a birthday party at the nearby Austin Science and Nature Center and Mads and I took off for the Farmer’s Market where we picked up eggs, grass-fed beef, mushrooms, liverwurst, kohlrabi and collards, and a cup of coffee for me.

Talk about an excellent Saturday morning.  Too bad I was too pooped from UTB to get in a home workout that I had planned to take care of for the challenge.

Ah well….

How do I still have energy?

It boggles my mind how I can still have energy to write this post after a full day of working out and household chores — not to mention running after the kids!

I had a hair appointment this morning, so I didn’t go running as usual.  But I had enough time to make it to the free “Under The Bridge” boot-camp workout my gym hosted down at Lady Bird Lake.  Some of my teammates were there — plus Zach — so it was a good chance to chat before and after the workout.

It was tough — but not as tough as the last one I went to.  There were lots of elements to it, but the main part was a partner WOD.

2 rounds w/ a partner
100 OVH squats (w/ PVC pipe)
100 push ups
100 sit ups
Med ball sprint

They initially told us 3 rounds, but Zach changed it in the middle.  Steph and I were in the middle of our 2 round of situps when he called time and told us to do our last med ball run.

It was pretty fun, and Steph and Beth and I lingered to chat before I ran off to the farmer’s market for veggies, meat and eggs.  Unfortunately — NO EGGS!  Ahhhh!  I was forced to go to Whole Foods.  We picked up 36 eggs .  “Enough to tide us over until Wednesday,” I remember telling Andy.

(Chuckle.)  We eat a lot of eggs.

A couple of hours after dinner, I decided to tackle my first workout of Week 4 of the challenge.  I know it’s a lot, but I’m counting on that rest day on Monday.  I value my rest days, and I’m not gonna miss them!

50 lunges
400m run
50 push ups
400m run
50 dips
400m run
50 squats
400m run

Time: 14:52 (Elite)

The push ups really got me.  I did a LOT of push ups this morning.  I just couldn’t do anymore on my toes today.  I had to go to my knees.

Now it’s late.  I should be working.  Instead I’m blogging.  And I have this hope that I’ll actually wake up early to work in the morning.

SLEEP.  It’s so valuable, and yet I still treat it like an inconvenience.  SIGH.  I wonder if my stubbornness will give one day.

Boot camp at Lulu — Part 2

Despite a major time crunch and a 10 foot long to-do list for Sunday, I eeked out enough time to go to the free Crossfit bootcamp at Lululemon.

It was awesome!  Coaches Carey Kepler (my Elements coach) and Megan Parsons led it, and it was so well organized and fun!

Here’s what we did.  We, of course, warmed up with the usual high knees and squats and dynamic drills.  Then we did the Burgener stretch and ladder drills, followed by some mountain climbers and more squats and pushups — just to get that blood flowing.  (It was kind of cold!)

There were two workouts.

1) With a partner, each partner completes
5 rounds
Med ball shoulder press (seated)
Max-rep burpees

Our time: 4:20 (we completed 53 burpees between us)

2) Tabata
3 rounds
20 sec wall ball shots
10 sec rest
20 sec sprawls
10 sec rest
20 sec PVC press and fast feet
10 sec rest
20 sec opposite knee to opposite elbow
10 sec rest
20 sec ball touches (soccer-style)
10 sec rest

It was an awesome workout, and even though I barely had time to fit it in, I’m so glad I did!  Plus, only one more boot camp and I have a chance to win some prizes!

Week 3 over… whew

I’ve never been so happy that a week of the challenge is over.  Between being sick and having to put off the WODs until the end of the week, I was fried.

On Friday morning, with my stomach aching and the rain pounding away outside, I decided to do this challenge workout inside:

For time:
100 dumbbell snatches (15#)

I found the form hard to master, and I struggled, but I finished in 8:47.

On Saturday, I still had one more challenge WOD to do, but I also promised I was going to show up to the free UTB workout on Saturday morning.  You know me — when I say I’m going to be somewhere, only a major act of nature can stand in my way.

After warm-ups we did:

4 rounds
45 sec wall balls
45 sec chest pumps/fast feet

Then, with a partner and a medicine ball we did:

2x 20 around-the-worlds (each partner)
2x 20 chest passes (each partner)
2x 20 overhead throws (each partner)

To round it off,  we did 25 squats and ran as fast as we could to the other side of the MoPac pedestrian bridge and back.

I was worn out after that workout.  I was happy to take a nap later in the day.  I only intended to sleep 30 minutes, but I woke up 2 hours later.  Yikes!  And I still had that challenge workout to do!  It was one I had been dreading all week.

Army PT Test (all levels)
2 min max reps sit-ups
2 min rest
2 min max reps push-ups
2 min rest
2 mile run for time

Considering how worn out I was, I did better than I thought — 53 situps, 40 pushups (chest to deck of course) and a 17:50 run.  I ran around my neighborhood and got back just before it got dark.  Whew! 

It was a rough week, and I’m hoping this week goes better.  I’m taking Sunday off.  No workouts.  The only thing I’ll be doing is cleaning my house and sending the boys off to a birthday party so I can have some peace and quiet.

Whoo-hoo for Lulu

I must have turned off my alarm this morning because at 6:38a.m., I groggily looked at the clock and sat up in a panic in bed, “Oh no!  I slept late!!!!”

This morning was the last of the 3 free Lululemon boot camps, and if you make it to all 3, you were entered in a drawing for stuff.  I really wanted to win, so I crashed around the house trying to get dressed and pull my stuff together as fast as I could.  I was so grateful all of the traffic lights worked in my favor and that MoPac was fast.  I sprinted into the store at 7:01, signed in, and headed to the Waterloo Records parking lot for the workout.

It was a lot like the others — same warmup, same ladder drills.  There were some people I recognized, but there were also a lot of new faces. 

One guy that showed up was obviously trying to be funny.  He wasn’t there to workout, and I wondered if he was a UT student on the staff of the Texas Travesty (the humor magazine) because he was wearing a leopard-print Snuggie that he had pinned up behind him and was refusing to put down a football in his hands.  Or maybe he was doing it to get into some group.  Anyway, he kept making comments that I guess he THOUGHT were funny, but they were kind of lame and weak.  The coaches were really cool about it, and nobody paid much attention to him, since that was what he obviously wanted.  At one point, panting and puffing, he asked how much longer the workout was.  One girl gave him a skeptical look and said, “This is just the warmup.”  I didn’t see him once we started the actual WOD.

The WOD was kind of chaotic.  We were supposed to be in teams, split along 6 different exercises and rotate, but most people didn’t know the other people on their “teams” and they got all confused.  I think I was working with 2 different teams.  But with fewer people that know each other it would be a cool workout.

AMRAP (was is 15min?  20?  I don’t know)

Run (from parking lot, up alley hill and back)
Thrusters with PVC pipe
Med Ball cradles
Overhead squats with PVC pipe
Med Ball lunge and chops
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls with PVC pipe

We stretched after that. 

Then my name and 5 others went into a drawing back at the store.  They were giving away Lululemon groove pants and 1 month of boot camp.  Five people won — including me!  I was so happy.  I won the pants, which is awesome because they’re pretty expensive.  Of course, now I’m hooked on Lulu clothes, so the store won me as a customer, too.  I went back by the store later with Andy and Luke to try on the pants, and I’m so happy I have another pair to wear in the winter. 

Yay!  Merry Christmas to me!