Welcome back, Andy!

I killed Andy tonight — or so he says.

We haven’t worked out together since early December when Andy hurt his leg.  Now that the I AM challenge is over and his leg is healed, we’ve resumed working out together.

Just like before, we put the kids to bed, changed our clothes, and headed out back into the dark.  It felt so good out there with the breeze blowing.  I chose a WOD that included kettlebells, so I could use the one my Crossfit friends gave me as a thank you.

Andy was nervous, since it’s been so long for him.  He said he was going to take it slow, then he totally smoked me.

4 rounds
20 KB swings
15 Box jumps
10 Burpees
5 Handstand pushups

Time: 13:49 @ 1 pood (16kg) with hill jumps and scaled HSPUs

I was soooooo happy to take a shower after that one.  Whew!

RX and the bruises to prove it

I did not relish the idea of my Crossfit class this morning.

For one, I’ve been up late just about every night for over a week, and I’m tired.  But also, I saw what the workout was Monday night when they tweeted it out.  We had only just done the exact same workout about 6 weeks ago, and I wasn’t thrilled with it then.

I half considered staying home.

3 rounds
500m row
12 Bodyweight deadlifts
21 Box Jump

I went anyway, obviously, but the whole way there I was half-hoping it had been a mistake and that it would be something else.


Ah well.  I resigned myself and decided I was going to up the ante in the process.  Last time I used only 125# and I didn’t finish.  This time I was going to do it RX.

I happen to know my body weight, so I loaded 130# on my bar.  Heavy, but doable.  And the box jumps… well… I just proved last week I could do them.

Arm bruise and scrapeThe WOD tested me, for sure.  I fell on the box in a few seconds of not paying attention to what I was doing, and I really bruised up my arm.  It’s hard to tell from the photo. I can tell it will be very black and blue tomorrow — ’cause it hurts.

But I remembered reading that you have to immediately jump on the box again if you fall, so you can avoid that fear — so I did.  And it worked.  I finished the round and jumped through the 3rd round without fear.

Time: 17:23 RX

Ahhhh… it feels nice to write that.

Re-conquering the box jump

Luke likes to jump on things.

He imagines himself as a famous ballerina gymnast and puts on competitions in the living room.  He runs from one corner to the other, jumping, twisting, landing with a thud.  He does flips onto our chair where he does headstands.  He jumps onto his small red stool with ease.

I’ve watched him with some jealously.  Ever since my jumping accident on the back deck, I’ve been afraid to jump on the standard height box at the gym.  I hate that I’ve been stepping on the box, when the only thing holding me back has been fear. (BTW — Crossfit Watertown has an excellent article on overcoming fear of the box jump here.)

But this morning, I finally overcame my fear.

AMRAP 20 min
5 Hang Power Snatch (M 95# / W 65#)
10 Push Press
15 Box Jumps (20″)

I chose 55#, and I struggled.  The hang power snatch is complicated enough, and I had a really hard time with its mechanics, let alone the weight.  Zach watched me and pointed out my weak points — which were many.  And I was frustrated with myself for not being able to do what he was telling me.

But I digress.

I had tried to set up the 14″ box for myself — but some new guy in the class ended up moving it and stacking another one on top to make 20″.  I was not pleased, but it was too late to do anything about it.

So I resolved just to step up on the box.

And I did that for 2 rounds.

On round 2, I almost jumped on the 20″ box, but fear got the better of me.

But on round 3, I did it.  And again.  And again.

I heard Beth cheer me on as I kept jumping.  And when I stepped off to move back to the bar, I had a huge grin on my face.  Zach looked at me and said, “What?”

I told him I had jumped on the box.  “Looked pretty easy for you,” he told me.  But he smiled.  And I was so thrilled.  It didn’t even matter anymore that I was struggling so much with the bar.

Results: 5 rounds + 5 HPS + 9 PP @ 55#

It’s always nice to conquer a fear.


I’m not sure what it is about my workouts lately, but they’ve managed to leave me pretty bruised and very sore.

“Cindy” left me in pretty poor condition on Wednesday.  It hurt to raise my arms over my head or squat down to pick up toys.  There was a chorus of “ows” this morning when the warmup began.  There we were, trying to do our damnedest to do jumping jacks and high knees — but our muscles were too tight and sore to do much of anything.

This isn’t working out to be the “rest” week I envisioned.


Front Squat

Results: 75-85-95-100-105


3 rounds
12 R-armed KB cleans (M 1.5 pood / W 1 pood)
12 L-armed KB cleans
12 burpee box jumps

Time: 8:35

If I didn’t have this damn fear of the box, I would have jumped, not stepped.  I have to get over this!  It might help if I built up some strength so I could actually jump high enough to reach the box.

Anyway — I used  the RX kettlebell.  I felt like I wasn’t quite nailing the KB clean.  Zach said I wasn’t shrugging and keeping the KB close to my chest.  I worked had to improve my technique, hoping it would save me from bruises.  But as soon as it ended, they started showing up.

I look lovely.

But the bruises don’t stop me from wearing shirts to show off my arms.  I’m pretty proud of my muscles, even if they are bruised and sore.

Lookie… here comes cookie

There’s something about the holidays that puts me in the baking mood.

Last week I whipped up 3 batches of my famous gingerbread muffins for Luke’s teachers and some friends (I already told you how I devoured one after a run Saturday).

Well, on Tuesday I was back to baking.  And despite it taking 4 hours to make muffins and a batch of cookies because my lovely daughter just had to be held most of the morning, both glutenous dishes turned out beautifully.

The cookies — especially — are sinfully delicious.

No, I don’t eat such delectables most of the time, but I love baking, and it’s Christmas.  I don’t really feel like I need to justify eating cookies every once in a while, but if you’re wondering where my thought process comes from, I love this post from the folks at Whole9 about eating dirty.

It’s not like I didn’t workout today  I had a private training session with one of the Crossfit Central coaches: Jen Cardella.  It was great!  Here’s what we did:

500m row
5 rounds “Cindy” (5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats)
25 box jumps (I did some jumping work to conquer my fear)
25 KB swings (I used 1 pood)

Muscle Up
Kipping Pull up

Hang Power Clean

On the hang power clean, I ended up lifting 85# — a PR! — and attempting 90#, but I just didn’t have it.

Jen told us that the I AM workout will be the same as last year — run, pull ups and hang power cleans.  Now that I know what to expect, I’m both relieved and dreading it.  The workout was a killer for me last year, and I barely finished it.  I definitely will be mulling over this one for a while.

On Tuesday evening I decided to workout with Andy and blow off some steam.  I’ve been feeling some significant stress lately, and I needed to let go.  So we did:

4 rounds
400 m run
20 KB swings (25# plate)
15 Box jumps (on hill)
10 Burpees
5 Handstand push ups

Cutoff: 20 minutes
Finished: 3 rounds + 400m run + 3 swings

If I had not been some slow in the transitions, I might have gotten closer to finishing, but I can’t stand the feel of mulch on my hands and clothes, and I got it all over me on the burpees.

After it was all over… I went inside and ate a cookie.


Time to set another goal — reconquer the box jump

I am itching to return to class.


I know I need to let my body rest, but I just want to MOVE and get back to life.  Everything is already so weird and different — I just want something old and familiar.

So when I saw the workout my class did yesterday, I talked Andy into doing it at home.

5 rounds
200m run
20 box jumps
10 shoulder press @ 70% max

It seemed pretty doable… that is until I tested myself doing a jump on our back deck (which is less than 20″ by the way — shorter than the standard 20″ box at the gym).

My shin, all cut up and starting to swellThe above is the result of that test jump.  OW.  It looked worse today — all blue and black.

You’ll recall, I haven’t jumped on a box since fairly early on in my pregnancy — last spring.  I’ve been doing step ups ever since as a substitute.

The test jump was my first since that time, and I  didn’t make it.  I didn’t pull both legs up at once, misjudged the distance, and fell back in pain.  I almost called it quits for the entire workout, but Andy said “3,2,1… go!” before I could utter a word about calling it a night because my leg hurt so much.  Once I got going, everything was fine.

Last night was also my first run in months.  That went much better.  I took it slower than I probably needed to (my running was more of a jog), but I was steady.  It also gave me confidence that I will be running 5K’s sooner than I initially believed.

As for the shoulder press, 70# is my max, so I went with 45# for the WOD, which was plenty challenging.

Time: 19:17

And now I’ve added another goal to my list: Conquer the box!!!  I think I’ll be starting a little lower next time.  And in the daylight.  I will get this!  You’ll see!

Catching up…

I’ve really fallen down on the job this past week with updating the blog on my workouts.  Honestly, I just haven’t had it in me to do much of anything.

However, I have managed to continue working out, even when I don’t feel well.  I always feel better — at least for a little while.

I’ve done a number of home workouts, subbing exercises as needed.  I’m pretty much off all pull ups these days.  The band rubs my belly, and hanging from the bar and swinging is really uncomfortable through my core.  So I’ve done ring rows instead.

I’ll skip going through all of my home workouts (which included Baby Fran yesterday), and just focus on the two at the gym.

On Thursday at Crossfit:

Push Press

Results: 50-55-60-65-70

I think that’s the first time I’ve ever done 70# on push press.  Yay me!

5 rounds
15 pull ups (sub ring rows)
15 hip extensions (sub Good Mornings with 45# bar)
200m run (sub 200m row)

The cut off was 12 minutes, and I finished through 135m of rowing in the 4th round.


10 Handstand push ups / 30 Box jumps

I subbed step ups for the box jumps and elevated my knees on a 18″-20″ box to do full push ups instead of the HSPUs.

Time: 10:15

It was nice to finish.  🙂

My nutrition has been horrible ever since my baby shower when I let myself eat as much sugar as I wanted.  Now the cravings are insane.  I’m headed to a Crossfit Central nutrition meeting today to a brush-up and garner some inspiration on healthy eating habits.  Might as well start now, because once this baby arrives, I will be much stricter about my nutrition, without restricting calories of course, because I’ll need them to feed the baby.

All bets are off…

The countdown is on to baby girl’s arrival.  I’m told it could happen anytime.  In the meantime, I’m doing my best to eat healthy and stay active.  It’s not that easy.

The Crossfit WOD this morning was brutal for me and it aggravated a sore glute muscle.  The cutoff was 15 min and I didn’t finish.

Box Jumps (sub step ups)
KB Clean & Press (M 1.5 pood / W 1 pood)

I used a 12kg kettlebell and I supported myself on a rack while doing the pistols — but not even close to full depth.

I finished everything up through the last 24 box jumps.  I’m sure I would have finished the rest well within 20 minutes.

New benchmark

Crossfit Central added a new benchmark this month.  I’m not sure if it replaces Fight Gone Bad, or what.

It seemed pretty cool, and it certainly got me sweating.

3 rounds
400m run
21 Box Jumps (20″)
12 Overhead Squats (M 95 / W 65)

(15 min cut off)

Time: 13:30 — rowing, step ups, 45# OHS

I’m glad I finished.  I’m not as tired this week, but my belly feels bigger and bigger.  I told Andy that I just don’t want to be “fat” anymore.  I know I’m not really fat, but I really want my old body back.

We’re only a month-6 weeks away.  I’ll be really glad when Madeline arrives.

Weight gain and ‘Helen’

Something’s been bugging me today that really doesn’t affect me.  It just makes me sad.

I’ve been part of the Facebook off-shoot called Circle of Moms, and today I decided to update my profile, add that I’m expecting, get rid of some groups and add a new one.  That new one is for moms expecting in September 2010, and it was one of the recent discussions that bothered me.

This mom was talking about how she was at 25 weeks (in the 6th month), had already gained 40 pounds, couldn’t afford to eat healthy (i.e. eat fruits and vegetables), had no time to exercise, was hungry all the time — every excuse in the world — and yet, wanted advice on what to do about her weight.


But then the comments — nearly EVERY woman that responded said she had gained 60 pounds, or 25 pounds, or some ungodly amount of weight.  One woman said McDonald’s was on the way to work — implying that she just HAD to stop.

Double wha?

That stuff just blows my mind.  I don’t even know how to respond to that stuff expect with my own experience.  Quit eating CRAP!


On a positive note, I’m very happy to report that I’ve gained a very healthy and manageable 12 pounds so far this pregnancy.  I feel strong, I feel good about how I look and Madeline is kicking like crazy, so she must be good, too.

That doesn’t mean things aren’t changing, though.

This morning, we were told to run three laps around the building during the warm up.  I quit after two.  I needed to stop.  Zach started to fuss at me that I have to communicate with him, but I told him, “That’s what I came in here for!” 🙂

We decided it was time to sub rowing for running from here on out.  Running has become too uncomfortable for me to continue for the longer distances.  Although, I’ll probably still try to do some of the 200m runs at home for a while longer.

That meant today’s WOD was modified:

3 rounds
400m run
21 KB swings (M 24K / W 16K)
12 pull ups

I rowed the 400m and used a 12K KB for the swings.  I’m still using the blue band for pull ups, and my kips feel pretty good, but I tired out pretty quickly and had to take breathing breaks every 3 to 6 pull ups.

Time: 14:28

Extra work for today was pretty cool, even though I was really worn out:

25m lunges (I think it was 25m — from the green box to the cars in the parking lot and back)
20 pushups
20 sit ups (knees-to-elbows for me)
20 box jumps (step ups for me)
25m lunges

Don’t know the time — I stopped when Zach told us it was time to stretch.

I was sweaty, and I felt good.  Awesome WOD today.