The effects of eating like crap


If you don’t believe that eating sugar, grains, legumes and even dairy can wreck you’re body, just look at my face.

For the past five days, I’ve been at the South By Southwest Interactive Festival. It has been an incredibly amazing experience as a web designer and developer. But I succumbed to temptation, and I ate foods that I normally avoid. And as a result, I am dealing with the consequences.

We’re not just talking about weight gain. To be honest, I don’t care anything about weight — except over the long term — and I don’t think my body composition has changed much. What I have noticed is a puffy face, skin breakouts, feeling like crap, fatigue, and some other unsavory stuff I would rather keep to myself.

I know it will also take me 2 to 4 weeks to work all of the crap out of my system and get back to feeling better.

Sigh. Why does sugar have to be so damn seductive and yummy? (And by sugar, I’m also talking alcohol, grains and dairy — because they also have A LOT of sugar)

Just so you know — even though I am cursing the effects — I have thoroughly enjoyed myself here at SXSW. There has been free goodies galore! The Cool Haus Austin Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwich truck has been everywhere, and I enjoyed an ice cream sammie with candied bacon ice cream on chocolate chip cookies. OMG — so amazing. The highlight has been the Sugar Lounge where local sweet shops brought in tasty treats for us geeks to vote on. Over two different days, I tried popcorn from Cornucopia, pecan pie, mini cupcakes from Delish Bakery, a banana popsicle from Good Pop and mint chocolate bars from Sugar Mama’s Bake Shop. All were delicious, but if I had to choose… Sugar Mama’s would win. Andy agrees. It was THAT GOOD.

So now it’s time to start eating clean again. I’m tired of eating like crap. I’m ready for a cleanse. Any recommend a good cleansing routine?