Fight Gone Bad 6

Somehow, I find it hard to believe that only a year ago, I was EXTREMELY pregnant. Overdue, in fact. Ticking down the days, wishing a baby girl would decide she was ready to be born. Sick and tired of carrying around a beach ball. Not even caring it was going to hurt because I was just ready to have that child.

A year later, much has changed. Mads’ birthday is nearly here, and I am definitely not carrying around a beach ball anymore.  I am long, lean, and growing stronger.

This morning was Fight Gone Bad 6, and I had the honor of participating with my 5-year-old son and hundreds of other athletes at Camp Mabry.

It was an inspiring event.  I wrote about the cause behind it here. In case you’re unfamiliar with the workout, it goes like this:

Fight Gone Bad
1 min max reps at each station
Wall Balls
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (M 75# / W 55#)
Box Jumps (20″)
Push Press (M 75# / W 55#)
Row (for calories)

I still have a long way to go to break 200 reps on this workout. My count was only 164, but I did it RX, and I’m happy about that.

I’m SOOOOOOOO proud of Luke, who was one of the youngest kids competing. He did so awesome. One woman next to me was taking video of him and told me she was her box jump hero.

Thank you to all of my friends who donated to the cause. It was truly amazing.

Shameless fundraising for FGB6

FGB 6 - 9/17/11I really hate fundraising.

It’s not that I am against causes and stuff like that.  I’m happy to give.  But asking people for money really makes me uncomfortable. Every year I sign up for at least one (usually more) event that requires me to beg my friends and family in person or via social networks and blogs to give me money so I can hopefully make a difference.

I guess you can see where this is going.

I’m doing Fight Gone Bad 6.  I’ve joined my gym’s team. I know several people who are also doing this even on September 17, and they’ve already been on Facebook, begging for money.

Look.  Here’s the deal. The folks who run Fight Gone Bad 6 have pledged to fund college scholarships for ALL of the children who lost their fathers in the recent helicopter crash in Afghanistan.  That’s 30 scholarships.  Plus, funds raised will also go to benefit CrossFit Kids (which my Luke is a part of!), Camp Patriot and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

That’s where the money is going. All are amazing causes.

I did this workout in 2009, took 2010 off to give birth, and now I’m back.  I’m really looking forward to it.

I have to raise $150 in just a few weeks. (September 17, 2011.)  If you read my blog, you know I’m serious about participating.  I would love for you to donate to me, even just a few dollars.  Every little bit helps.

I also commit to NOT begging. But I hope you will help lift some of the monetary burden off my shoulders.

So if you have the inclination, please head over to my fundraising page to donate.

Thank you for your consideration.

Fight Gone Bad V — Time to register!

Fight Gone Bad 5Fight Gone Bad V will be September 25 this year, and I’m totally bummed I’ll have to sit this one out.

But that doesn’t mean YOU have to skip it.  I’m trying to convince Andy to sign up for the Crossfit Central team — or at least sign up.

This year’s event will be co-sponsored in Austin by a bunch of local Crossfit gyms and will happen at Westlake High School.

The causes benefited include LIVESTRONG and the Wounded Warrior Project.

You can find more information on the event at Crossfit Central or at the FGBV official site.

Fight Gone Bad returns

It’s the first week of the new month — time for a benchmark to see how we’re doing.

I figured out the schedule a long time ago, so I knew it would be Fight Gone Bad.  I love this WOD.

Fight Gone Bad
1 min Max Reps (2 rounds only in class)
Rowing (kcal)
Wall Ball (M 20# / W 14#)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (W 55#)
Box Jumps
Push Press (W 55#)

I was really glad to be working out.  I’ve been feeling really stiff and achy lately — what happens to me when I don’t exercise significantly while I’m pregnant — and I knew a really hard workout would do this body good.

I also knew I would not be able to attack the WOD the way I might when I’m not pregnant.  I am off-balance enough now where I can’t do box jumps anymore.  I have to scale to step ups.  I set an 45# barbell to the side of push press just in case I needed it.  And I approached the workout a little different mentally.

Max reps would be nice, but I know it’s more important for me to focus on strength right now, rather than intensity.  So that’s how I went into it.  I didn’t try to do any of the exercises particularly fast.  But I did try to do as many Rx as possible and I tried like hell to make form count.

I’m very happy to report that the wall balls were some of the best I’ve ever thrown — higher on the wall, deeper squat to start.  I was able to do Rx the whole time on SDLHP, and my form felt strong.  I also felt stronger on push press.  I started with 55# and was doing pretty well… until I hit my chin with the bar pretty hard on the third rep of round 1.

Ouch.  After that, I decided it wasn’t worth it — I’m so clumsy!  So I dropped to 45# for the rest of the WOD.

I managed to get 67 reps on each round for a total of 134.

Last time my reps were 121.  Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to beat my reps, even though I knew dropping weight and stepping up would make me faster.

This Crossfit stuff appears to be paying off.  I’ve been wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans with a band — just wearing them without buttoning, and I haven’t needed to buy new jeans yet.  In fact, all of my old maternity clothes are too big for me.

Plus, another woman who happens to be pregnant told me in a shocked voice that my backside still looks amazing (after apologizing that she even noticed — haha).  Gotta love this stuff.

We meet again: Fight Gone Bad

I’ve been rushing about the house in the hours since my workout ended this morning, and I haven’t had much time to reflect on how I did.  Now, sipping my tea, I can think about it, even though the dogs are running through the house, playing, and making a huge racket.

They’re fun to watch.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, the WOD:

Fight Gone Bad
1 min max reps
Wall Balls (W 14#)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (W 55#)
Box Jumps
Push Press (W 55#)

My reps per exercise were written down on my sheet that gets kept in my folder at the gym, and I neglected to write them down. I do know my total reps: 121.

It was low compared to my class, and a little lower than the last time I did 2 rounds of Fight Gone Bad three months ago (126).  Disappointing at first glance.  But here’s why I’m not disappointed.  This time I did the whole thing as prescribed.  I used the Rx weight and I jumped on the box — I did not scale it to step ups, which is what I did last time.  Jumps are slower for me, so I’m not surprised the reps went down.  The fact that they only went down by 5 is amazing to me, considering how crappy I felt this morning.

I felt stronger on push press, which is where I started the rounds, but I felt weaker on the SDLHP.  Wall balls continue to be a struggle for me — something else I need to work on — because I was hitting so low on the wall.

I’ll take 121.

Last night I took on a challenge WOD at home.  Andy did this one with me, and I must have been really off, because I really struggled.

AMRAP 12 min
8 shoulder press (15#)
12 renegade rows
15 situps

I only got through 4 rounds.  Yikes!  Of course, I didn’t read the directions all the way through, which stated clearly that you should do 6 rows with one arm and 6 with the other each set.  I did 12 with both.  No wonder I was slow.  Oh well, great workout.

I also returned to Kung Fu yesterday morning for the first time in 2 weeks.  Testing is getting really close, and I really shouldn’t take any more time off between now and then.  I have my material, but I need to make sure it’s solid and fluid.  I’ll probably start practicing weekends at home in the backyard for a few weeks. 

There’s no backing out now — Master Joe knows I’m testing, and he’s expecting me to be there.  Plus, why back out if I’m ready?

Unexpected workout

Kung Fu Fight Gone Bad

1 min max reps of:
Jump rope
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (KB – 1 pood/16kg)
Weighted Step-ups (2 20lb dumbbells)
Push Press (45lb bar)
Medicine Ball Cleans (12lb med ball)

That’s what I planned for my class on Friday.  I expected that I would only be able to time the workout, not actually participate.  I was wrong.  I timed and counted for Hugh — then we switched.

Here’s what my reps were:

  Jump rope SDLHP Step up Push Press Clean
Round 1 109 34 17 13 17
Round 2 98 28 17 10 18

 The jump rope numbers kind of skew the total, so I didn’t add them up. All in all, I’m pretty happy with my consistency.  Lifts are my weakness in this version (wall balls are usually a killer for me).  Not bad for being so sore from Thursday’s WOD.


A personal record — Fight Gone Bad

It’s almost the start of a new month, and you know what that means… one of the 3 benchmark WODs at Crossfit Central.  This month — Fight Gone Bad.

It’s only been a month since I last did this WOD — at FGB IV.  But in class, we only have time for 2 rounds.

“Fight Gone Bad”
1 min Max Reps:
Sumo Deadlift High Pull — 55 lbs
Box Jumps 21″
Push Press — 55 lbs
Row (calories)
Wall Balls — 14lb

The last time I did this in class, I did not use the Rx’d weight and I had 121 reps.

THIS TIME — prescribed weight and 126 reps!  A personal record, thank you very much.

Some weak points — I did not feel the energy to jump.  Instead I did step-ups.  Push Press is still really challenging.  And those wall balls kill me.  Ugh.  But at least I know what to focus on next time.

Fight Gone Bad IV — I did it

For the past week, I’ve been focused on the Fight Gone Bad event.  My nerves have been building, and I’ve had trouble settling down to work all week.  Finally, this morning, I was able to put it behind me, and I think it turned out pretty OK.

I decided last week to go ahead and compete at the Elite Female level, knowing that I would not come close to winning because my reps would be low.  But I decided to do it because I CAN do the weight, and for me it was about turning out and doing the workout. It was to prove to myself that I can do it.

I was in the first wave — we started at 8 a.m.  My coach, Zach, handled the warmups, and we did the regular Crossfit warmup routine, minus the running.  Then they went through the exercises and how the forms should look.  I wondered how many people were there that were unfamiliar — the workout was open to any and everyone, as long as they raised $150 for the charities.

 Cindy waiting for the workout to begin I was the first one to reach my station after warmups, so I had my pick of the exercises to start with.  I decided to start with rowing.  This picture was taken before we started, but I managed to pull out more calories on rowing for each round than I’ve ever done in class.  I think it was 15-12-12.

Wall balls Wall balls are my weakest of the exercises by far.  We were supposed to get the ball above that black line, but I don’t think I ever did.  It wasn’t until the second and third rounds that I even got close to the line.  I was squatting and then jumping up with the ball as hard as I could.  We were using a 14lb med ball.

Sumo deadlift high pull ready position This was the third exercise for me — Sumo Deadlift High Pull.  Andy caught a picture of me here in the ready position.  I felt much better about this exercise… and stronger.  The weight I’m using is 55lbs.  I don’t remember how many reps I did on each round.  I think it was somewhere around 10.  Yeah, I know — low.

Box jumps were next for me.  Andy took some video when I actually did jumps — 13.  On the next two rounds, my counter said I could step up if I wanted, and I did 18 on each.  I wish I had jumped, though.  It would feel more pure.

Push press ready positionI was toast by the time I made it to the fifth and final station — push press.  The bar was loaded with 55 lbs.  I was so tired, I struggled with this exercise.  My reps were very low — around 5 each round.  The whole point is to think “dip and drive,” which helped when I managed to muster enough energy.

Bar above my head on push press 

On the third round, I got so aggressive in trying to push the bar up that I slammed it on the bottom of my chin.  It took a few seconds to compose myself to try again.  It didn’t hurt so much as it rattled me.  I could taste blood, and I realized that I had bit my lip.

bruise from the bar A nice bruise formed under my chin, and it’s tender to the touch.  It’s hidden under my chin, and no one has noticed it except for me.

So anyway, My total reps were 145, according to my counter, but I think he counted my wall balls, which were not above the line, and shouldn’t have counted. I made the mistake of looking at the big board a little later, and my reps were really low compared to the other women in my category.  It stung a little, because I would rather not be so behind everyone else, but really, this workout was for me, not anyone else.  It was about being part of something larger than myself, no matter how it turned out.

Next year I have a benchmark to build off of.  And, oh yes, there will be a next year.

Less than 2 weeks away — Fight Gone IV

Fight Gone Bad badge

 I’m starting to really feel my excitement build now for Fight Gone Bad, which is less than 2 weeks away — well, actually, it’s more like just over a week away!

I’ve raised more than my goal, but I could still raise more. Please help me raise money for 2 important causes — prostate cancer research and wounded soldiers!

I’m going to chalk up these butterflies in my stomach to excitement rather than nerves.  It’s 15 minutes of work.  And I’ve decided that I can do the elite category.  I’ve done the weight before — no reason to go back.

Elite: (Male/Female)
75lb/55lb Push Press
75lb/55 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
24”/20″ Box Jump
20lb/15lb Wall Ball Shots
Row (for calories)

And so, the countdown is underway.

I’m encouraging all of my friends and family to come down to the Long Center and cheer me and the other participants on!  It’s starts at 8am at the Long Center, across from Auditorium Shores.  See you there!

I got to be the coach today

No workout for me this morning.  Instead I was strictly coach for what turned out to be a benchmark workout for my class.  And while I missed jumping into the workout with them, it was nice to be able to walk around tweaking form and cheering them on — all while watching the clock and yelling at them to “Switch!”

I formulated a workout very similar to Fight Gone Bad.  But since we have no rowing machine, no box and we’re not allowed to throw medicine balls at the wall, I had to make a few changes:

3 rounds
1min each —
Sumo deadlift high pull (with kettlebell)
Weighted step ups
Push Press
Medicine Ball situps
Med Ball Cleans

We have bleachers at the Kung Fu school, but I wasn’t comfortable having them jump on them — so I had them hold dumbbells and step up.  I set up a bar with 55lb for the push presses, and a put out a lighter bar for the one girl in class — but I told the guys I expected them to use the 55lb bar (I’ve seen them all do it).  I set out a variety of kettlebells, but most of the class used a large KB (2 pood?  1 pood?  Not sure).  And we had plenty of med balls for the other two stations.  (Andy suggested that I sub burpees for the situps the next time I do this workout).

My class partnered up — one counted reps while the other one went through the circuit 3 times in a row.  Then they switched.  It took the entire class, so there was no time for the follow-up I had planned.  I could tell they were really tired by the 3rd round, but damned if they didn’t work hard.  It was awesome to see all of them slam through such a difficult workout — and inspiring. 

I think I’ll consider this a benchmark workout and bring this back again at a later date — maybe in November.  Then I can compare their scores and we can see how far they’ve come.