What a day, oh what a day

A couple of days ago I quite seriously informed Andy over breakfast that something wasn’t right.  I had no idea what it was, but something didn’t feel right.

Was it that the house was a disaster?  No dresser for the baby yet?  What could it have been?  I puzzled over it for the entire day, eventually moving on and feeling better.  But I believe it came back to me this morning at my 36-week doctor’s appointment.

Baby is no longer head down.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  Not again!!!!”

This happened with Luke, too.  Same time.  He was head down at 34 weeks… everything was fine.  At 36 weeks… feet down.  And for those of you that don’t know how babies should be born… they should come out head first.

He never flipped — even through brute force — and I had a C-section as a result… something I really want to avoid having again.

So I have some decisions to make.  In the meantime, I’ve sought out a mom consultation and eaten comfort foods.  (Paleo be damned — I wanted a quesadilla for lunch.)

All of this comes after a brutal AM workout at the gym.  It was long; it was hard.

45 toes-to-bar
30 Dumbbell floor press (M 50# / W 35#)
DB lunge walk (Alley to front door and back)
30 renegade rows
45 toes-to-bar

Time: 19:05

I finished first… but I was only using 20# dumbbells.  I think I might have attempted the 25# DBs if I was not at 36 weeks, but I’m definitely not quite to the RX weight.  I also did knee raises instead of toes-to-bar.  One day, right?


There’s always a bright side.  Thanks to my workouts and nutrition, I’m stronger than ever and more ready for whatever many happen with this baby.  And baby’s strong, too.

Focus on the payoff

I tackled some really tough workouts at Crossfit this week.  Fortunately they were separated by a much needed rest day.


Floor Press


“Linda S”
3 rounds
Overhead walking lunge (M 45# / W 25#)
250m run

Time: 9:43 (subbed rowing for running, but used the RX weight)


Ladder drills


“Tom G”
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Sumo deadlift high pull (M 95# / W 65#)
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Thrusters

Time: 10:06 with 45# bar

I’m exhausted after this one, even though I didn’t do it prescribed.  I had trouble keeping track of what number I was on.  I’m pretty sure I did them all, even though I ended up on the SDLHPs rather than the thrusters.  I probably did more reps than I should have.  Pregnancy head… I’m tellin’ ya.

Speaking of that — today is 30 weeks.  I can’t believe it’s only 2 1/2 months away.  I’ve been lost in thought lately about it… sometimes fearful of the pain and experience.  But today I decided I’m not going to be afraid anymore.  I’m just not.  It’s wasted energy.  I need all my energy.  I’m going to get through it and the payoff is going to be amazing — a baby girl!!!