Rest Day Recipe: Jalapeno-Avocado Sauce

Dish of yellow-green sauce
Jalapeno-Avocado Hot Sauce

I absolutely love spicy food. The hotter, the better. But — alas! — I have children! When I cook, I cook for all of us, and they simply don’t have the tolerance for hot food like I do.

So instead of integrating spicy into my dishes, I add it after it’s been served.

I tried buying hot sauce. I like Cholula, but I wanted hotter (and I wanted to avoid the Xantham gum they add). So we found something called “Widowmaker” at Whole Foods. Turns out Widowmaker isn’t quite as badass as the name would have you believe. I really have to question Whole Foods buyers because it was weak sauce.

Over Christmas we picked up an excellent hot sauce at the Farmer’s Market: Hotvocado from Kala’s Kuisine. I highly recommend it. I tasted the Gingery Habanera, and I liked it too.

But that got me and Andy to thinking — we have a few jars of hot peppers we canned over the summer — why not make our own sauce? And then we could be sure it would be paleo and free of weird thickeners. So we did, and it turned out AMAZING.

We canned pint jars of peppers, so if you need to buy peppers to do this, look for a 14.5oz can, packed in vinegar.

Jalapeno-Avocado Hot Sauce


1 jar pickled jalapenos, liquid reserved
1 small Haas avocado
1/4 cup reserved pickled pepper juice (vinegar) to blend


Combine the peppers and avocado in a blender. Add pickle juice to just lubricate enough to mix — maybe a little more. Blend and serve.

This should keep for about a week in a sealed container in your fridge. It’s good on EVERYTHING. Seriously. I put this stuff on my eggs, steak, salad, you name it. Delish.