150 Sit ups

Thursday morning’s workout felt subdued. I’m not sure why, but I did not feel the same energy from the class that I normally feel.

Maybe we were all tired. Maybe we were all getting used to our new assistant coach, Aaron, who started this week. Or maybe there’s such a large group of beginners that the coaches were busy focusing on their needs, and we veterans were allowed to do our own thing.

Thursday is always strength and a shorter met-con.

Overhead Squats

Results: 55-65-(no time)

There wasn’t time for my last set because I used that time to warm up with the bar. Steph said I could squeeze in another set really fast, but I didn’t want to rush. The overhead squat is an exercise I really need to work on.

3 rounds
50 sit ups
10 overhead squats (M 95# / W 65#)

Initially I set up my bar with 65#, but then Zach said it was supposed to be light because it was a sprint, so I knocked it down to 55#.

My core is still not as strong as it needs to be, so I was glad for the sit ups. I worked really hard to move fast and not take breaks.

Time: 8:57 @ 55#

I’m paying for those sit ups, though. I have little back side padding anymore.


Finally feeling rested and a workout

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m liking how I feel!

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m changing things up a bit with nutrition and workouts, and so far, so good!  Intermittent fasting has been a nice change of pace.  I eat when I’m hungry — which is usually not until dinner.  I’ve found it’s really just the routine of eating every day at the same time — I’m not really hungry at noon.

I haven’t felt as tired as before.  It could be the recent changes, or maybe just getting the crap and the sugar out, or maybe just slowing down my schedule a bit — I don’t know.  But whatever it is, I feel more rested than I have in a while.

My workouts have been better.  We took a solid week off from working out at home.  Andy has added more strength and less metabolic conditioning to our weeks.  I’ve annoyed him on more than a few occasions by questioning the plan or whining about it.  “It’s supposed to feel weird!  You’re doing something different!  When you’re body gets used to it, we’ll change it up again!”

Still, we’re doing some met-cons.  Thursday night was a met-con night. (With a little strength thrown in.)

Overhead Squat

I worked on form rather than weight.  Results: 65-65-65

For time:
50 burpees
40 situps
30 KB swings (1 pood)
20 ring rows
10 Handstand push ups

Time: 10:40

It was supposed to be pullups instead of ring rows, but I did NOT want to wake the baby to drag out the stool and bands.  When the baby’s up, there is no sleeping.

Image shows molecule diagram with text underneath


Benchmark: Slower time but more weight

Sometimes these benchmark workouts simultaneously frustrate and excite me.

Today was “CC Flyers.” Class was D.E.A.D.  Six people showed up. (I would never dream of not showing up, but then again, I’m kind of weird. I showed up the day before Mads was born.)

CC Flyers
3 rounds
400m run
21 Box jumps
12 Overhead squats (M 95# / W 65#)

We did overhead squats last week, so I decided that I would try the same weight again — 65#. RX.  It was a struggle for me, but I felt much stronger than last week.  It was like I KNEW that I could do it, so I just DID it.  Did I have a mental conversation with myself? Absolutely.  What Cindy workout wouldn’t be complete without a running dialog in my head?

Me: This is hard.

Other me: Yep.  Keep going.

Me: Really hard.

Other me: Keep going.  You may not finish, but you gotta keep going.

Me: I really want to finish.  I finished with 55# last time.

Other me: But you want to be strong.  And to get stronger you have to move heavy things. You’re not Gweneth Paltrow.

Me: They’re going to cut me off soon.

Other me: Keep going, dammit!

Big thanks to my friend Steph who cheered me on (and finished, by the way) as I was doing those last box jumps.  It kept me from taking a bunch of breaks. And big thanks to Coach Zach who offered to take pictures of me during the WODs so I could post on my blog.

Last time we did this benchmark (May 3), my time was 14:49 @ 55#. Today:

Time: Completed 2 rounds + run + 19 box jumps RX

Next time — I plan to finish.

Another meeting with “Nancy”

Time to test myself again with round two of another Crossfit girl WOD!

“Nancy” came back for a visit Tuesday.  The last time we did this workout was in May.  I checked my log to see how I did.  I only just barely finished, coming in at 20:00 at 55#.

I decided before class that I would use 55# again and see if I could lower my time.

Then I came back from the warmup run, dripping in sweat, and Zach looked at me and said, “You gonna do this RX?”

“I can try.” Figures.  All it takes is one word from coach.  Yep.  I tried this one RX.

I can’t remember EVER doing a 65# overhead squat before.  EVER.  If I have, it was during a strength WOD.  Not during a met-con.  And NOT for 15 reps.

I felt like I was sucking wind on round 1.  I was too slow getting going on the squats.  I struggled, and I fell way behind where I should have been.  On the other hand — it was a significantly heavier weight.

Needless to say, I did not finish this one in the 20 minutes.  I should have done better, but I’m happy I was able to do the weight.  The next time there’s overhead squats in a WOD, I guess I know what I’m doing!

5 rounds
400m run
15 Overhead squats (M 95# / W 65#)

Completed 3 rounds + run+ 5 OHS RX

How did you like “Cindy B”?

It was all about me on Thursday at Crossfit Central!

The WOD board shows Thursday's workout
The WOD was "Cindy B" on Thursday

Check out that WOD board — that’s right!  The workout was named for me!

I actually knew it was coming, but I didn’t know when.  This month, all of the workouts have been named for clients, and Zach had asked me a bunch of questions at the beginning of the month without explaining much.

I have to admit that the exercises in my WOD are not my strong points.  In fact, I pretty much suck at them.  But I do love Olympic Lifting and I also love to work on moves that are hard so I can get better!

I absolutely loved my Thursday morning, and I know I smiled a lot during the WOD.  One of the new girls cheered me on while I was in the middle of an OH Squat.  She’s never done that before, and I smiled big at her in appreciation.

Thanks for the love, CFC!

“Cindy B”
Hang Snatch 5×2

15 min AMRAP
1 Hang Snatch
2 Overhead Squats
1 Hang Snatch
250m row

Strength — 35-45-55 (ran out of time)
Met-Con — 5 rounds + 200m row @ 55#

My Fight For Air (and busting out some WODs)

Saturday morning was the Fight For Air Climb.

I felt half-hearted about this event, since I didn’t know anyone else who was doing it and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it.  But two people donated money for me to climb, including one of my best friends, so I kinda felt obligated to follow through.

It was actually chilly Saturday morning, and since there was a whole lot of standing around, it was kind of uncomfortable.  But the people on my team (whom I had never met) were really cool, and it made the time pass by much more quickly. My team (Relentless Boot Camp — which is run by Crossfit Central) led some warmups, and then we managed to get to the front of the line for the climb pretty quickly.  They let groups of 2 and 3 go up about every 2 minutes.  We started from the street level entrance to a stairwell in the Frost Bank Tower in downtown Austin.

I had been nervous that I would need to slow down or stop, but that turned out not to be necessary.  In fact, I was well-prepared for the climb without even training.  I took the first 10 or so flight two steps at a time, then I settled into a fast step-at-a-time climb most of the way — running a flight or two as I went.  I climbed 31 stories — about 60 flights of stairs — to the top.  It felt like it flew by.

I was feeling fine at the top — a little shaky in my legs, but otherwise OK.  At the bottom ( everyone took the elevator down), I felt some burning in my lungs, and I coughed a bit — which was the point.  You’re supposed to understand the challenges of breathing problems.

But when I got to the bottom I also realized I was supposed to pick up a chip timeer.  Which I hadn’t done.  D’oh.  No official time for me.  I could have kicked myself.  It was my first even where the chip was separate from the bib, so I didn’t even think about it.  Sucks.

I know I was done in under 10 minutes.  I estimate it was around 8 minutes.

Did I like this event?  Yes.  It was a little weird and running behind, but otherwise well organized and well planned.  I think I might do it again next year if they offer it.

I still wanted to do a WOD with Andy on Saturday, so we did a retest of on we did back on April 23.  I wrote about it here.  My goal was to beat my previous time, and I ended up blowing it out of the water.

3 rounds
200m Farmer carry (2-25# DBs)
25 Russian swings (1 pood KB)

Time 12:50

We started off the evening with some strength work.

Push Press 3-3-2-2-1

Results: 65-70-75-80-85

There wasn’t anything remarkable about my results — I did the exact same weights as last time.  Maybe next time I’ll do more.

Sunday morning I went for a run with Jenny for the first time in weeks.  It was so nice to be out on the trail again.  We had tons to catch up on, and we started off really strong.  But Jenny’s been sick, we wwe walked halfway around our usual loop.  No matter — the girl gossip time was well worth walking.

After I got home and had breakfast, Andy and I headed out to the backyard for a workout.  It was nice to exercise in some BEAUTFiUL weather.

We started with strength:

Overhead squat

Results: 50-55-60-65-70

I think that’s a PR for me!

Then we did another retest (it’s been a weekend of testing!).  And yet again — I blew my previous time/score out of the water.

AMRAP 12 min
3 Handstand pushups
6 Power clean (75#)
9 Box jumps

Results: 7 rounds + 3 HSPU + 6 Power cleans (compare to 3-31-11)

Wow — I guess I’m strong, because I certainly am not more rested.  Speaking of rest, I’m already up way too late.  I better get my butt to bed.  G’night!

Cheer up, sleepy ‘Nancy’

Seeing as how it’s nearly 10:30pm and I’ve been up since 4:30am, I should probably get some sleep rather than writing a blog post, but I’ve felt so bad about neglecting my favorite blog lately, that I just had to stop in.

One day I will catch you up on my workouts over the past two weeks.  One day.  Between prepping for work, going to work, spending time with the family and trying to get stuff done around the house, my time has been stretched in just about every direction imaginable.  According to Andy, there are theoretically an infinite number of dimensions.  I think I’ve stretched into every one.

I ate like crap all weekend — Hut’s and Amy’s on Saturday, Chez Zee on Sunday — and I’m still trying to cleanse myself of the sugar high.  Add to that a lack of sleep, and I wasn’t feeling all that alert for class this morning.

5 rounds
400m run
15 Overhead Squats (M 95# / W 65#)

I’m still working on depth in my squat when I’m holding that weight overhead, so I chose 55# again.  I considered 60#, but after a couple of rounds I was glad for the lighter weight.  It grew increasingly difficult to go as deep as I needed to and balance that bar overhead.

The run was more difficult than it should have been simply because I wasn’t fresh.  With rest I would have felt better.  Still, I pushed myself as hard as I could.  I could feel my face burning when I got back from the runs, and I worked hard to do the squats unbroken.

I screamed time just as Zach was cutting off the workout.

Time: 20:00 @ 55#

We’ll do this one again in 6 weeks or so.  I’m still considering whether I should increase the weight or stay the same and try to go faster.

We shall see.

Now.  Time for sleep.

Lift, lift, lift

I have been going through the nastiest carb cravings lately, courtesy of my recent indulgences on bread and alcohol at SXSWi.  Stuff like this:

Chocolate layer cake

And this:

Assorted chocolates

And this:

Commercial candiesYeah, it’s been bad.  I know it’s going to take a few weeks of solid clean eating to knock out the cravings, and it’s amazing how quickly my body reacted to just a few “cheats” (I hate that word).  It might explain why my appetite has been huge of late.

But I’m proud of myself.  I’ve worked hard to eat clean (today).  I planned to start over on Wednesday, but I took Luke to a playdate and the host served bread, crackers, cheese, fruit… you know — everything I try to limit.  I felt bad.  I didn’t want to offend.  But when I gave blood Thursday morning I only snacked on raisins and orange juice in the cantina afterward.  I REALLY wanted to eat Oreos and Fig Newtons (which at one point I actually thought was a healthy choice), but I resisted.

In the meantime, I’m sore as hell after Thursday’s WOD (which I did before giving blood — thank goodness!).

Power Snatch

Results: 45-50-55-60-65

Setting up was so funny, because Beth and Steph and I didn’t even have to talk to know that we were teaming up or what we needed to do.  We grabbed the bar, weights, and we started fast, with Steph giving me and Beth tips whe had picked up in Zach’s Oly Lifting class.

I was still tired after SXSWi, which is what I blame for failing at 65#, but who knows — maybe I really am that weak.

Failing at 65# on the power snatch made it easy in choosing a weight for the WOD:

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (M 95 / W 65)
Overhead Squat

I went with 55#, and I focused on depth and form.  My arms shook while I balanced the bar overhead, but I didn’t drop the bar as much as I wanted to on each round.

Time: 8:27 (@ 55#)

In the meantime, my lack of sleep has caught up with me in the form of a cold that my daughter passed on to me.  I’m hoping I fight it off soon.

Good times.

Deep thoughts and an AMRAP

I feel kind of bad today.

At the risk of receiving the same reaction I got from Andy when I told him this story, here goes.

In my Crossfit class, you don’t show up late.  Late means burpees.  So when one of the new guys showed up late this morning, I sorta said, “Burpees!”  The assistant coach didn’t pay attention and Beth thought I was asking to do burpees.

After class I told Zach I was disappointed that the dude didn’t have to do burpees.

Andy says I was mean for finking on the guy.  I guess I have no defense.  It is kind of sucky.  Although, it’s not like the dude actually had to DO burpees.  He’ll only have to if he does it again.

I don’t want to be a fink, but…. well….  Oh well, what’s done is done.  I guess Marsha, a woman I used to work with at Williams-Sonoma, was right.  I am just a little bit evil.

Good workout this morning, though.  We started with strength.

Overhead Squats

Results: 45-55-55-65-65

Gees!  Those are tough!  It’s hard to keep form as the weight goes up.  I’m kind of wondering, too, whether I could have squatted 70# or 75#.

Since it was a balmy 20 degrees outside, Zach had mercy on us and modified the met-con part so that the doors did NOT have to be raised.  No burpee pullups!  Yay!

AMRAP 7 min
7 Sumo deadlift high pulls (M 95# / W 65#)
7 burpees
7 ab-mat sit ups

Results: 4 rounds RX

The SDLHPs were so hard.  They really slowed me down, but I knew I could do them RX.   As Zach always says, you have to challenge yourself if you want to get stronger.  I’m trying to remember that.

You know, sometimes what Zach says is kind of the exercise/physical version of what the @DalaiLama tweets.

It is not enough simply to wish that love and compassion should increase in us, we need to make a sustained effort to cultivate them.

Guess I should have remembered that before I finked on the guy.  I need to work on that.

It’s just what I do

You remember that movie Bridget Jones?

She had a life implosion, and she emptied her fridge of food and watched sad movies.  It always make me laugh because I am sooooo not like the sterotypical depressed woman when I am sad.

When I feel sad, I stop eating and I walk through life like a zombie. My eyes are usually dead-looking and puffy, but I’m not big on sharing.  I’d rather continue on.

That’s why, even when I feel sad, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I get up, feed the baby, pull out my workout clothes and head to the gym.

It’s just what I do — so why change the routine?

3 rounds
9 Overhead squats (M 135 / W 95)
15 Hip ext.
21 Calorie row

Time: 12:54 @ 55#

I was a little timid on those workout — possibly because of how I was feeling?  I guess I was thinking I was still not ready to bump up the weight on those OHS.  I think I could have done 60#.  Or 65# maybe.  Next time I’ll try it.

I’m glad I went.  It was that ME time I needed.  Because I always feel better after a workout.  Well, mentally at least.  🙂