Upping the ante

I’m skipping my workout tonight.


It’s been a tough 3 weeks for weekday workouts.  Tonight I opted to rest and get to bed early, even though I’m awake and dying to spend some time outside.

But I know I have a WOD in the morning and my day starts super early on those days.  It will be another long one, and I’m already sleep deprived.

No sense making it worse.

My quads are protesting the WOD I did yesterday morning.  So are my shoulders.  And I have a nice bruise on my right shoulder and some scrapes on my forearms.  I’m damn proud of those marks, because I feel like I upped the ante a bit and pushed myself.

For Time:
1 Front squat (M 135# / W 95#)
1 Ring Dip
2/2, 3/3, 4/4… 10/10

Time: 13:24 @ 80# and red (middle) band for ring dips

I tried 75# and I knew I could do a little more, so I added another 5# to the bar.  That was good.  It made it really challenging.  On rounds 4 and 5, it was getting heavy.  By round 6, I was working REALLY hard.  And I’m so proud of using the band.  It’s the first time I’ve used one, and it made it a lot harder.  I definitely had most of my weight on my arms.

I was one of the last in my class to finish.  At one point Jeff teased me that I had my “game face on.” I must look pretty serious during the workouts.

Wish someone would snap a photo — it’d be funny to see.

Food fanatic and ‘Elizabeth’

I have been RAVENOUS the past few days.  Simply hungry!  But more on that later.  First….

In one year, I will do the following workout with at least 85# on the bar or more and scaling the ring dips with the smallest band if at all.

Squat Cleans (M 135# / W 95#)
Ring Dips

Time: 9:27 @ 65# (one foot on ground for scaled dips)

The last time I did this WOD was August.  I was 8 months pregnant.  I did hang power cleans with the 45# bar and scaled ring dips.

This time, the weight was challenging, but it was not my max for squat clean — I could tell.  My quads burned and it was hard to not to stop after every 2 by the last round.  There was a 10min cutoff, and I was hoping to finish — but if I had used a band on the dips, I probably wouldn’t have.

I raced home to make breakfast.  Like I said… ravenous.

But even though I felt hungry, I diverged from my usual path of eating a small protein-fat snack within 30 min.  Why the change?  This article on cholesterol and fasting.  (There’s a mention near the end.)  It also just seemed silly to snack a mere 30 minutes before breakfast.  Besides, I planned a big breakfast this morning to take advantage of the intense workout.  I made a breakfast hash of pork, chard, onion and mushrooms (spiced up with tumeric, coriander and cumin), scrambled eggs, and pan-fried sweet potatoes with cinnamon.  It was gooooooooood!

I’ve been thinking about why I’m so hungry, and it could be lack of sleep.  I’ve only been averaging 6 1/2-7 hours a night.  People need 8 or 9 hours.  Last night I got 5 1/2.  I know I can function, but I just get worn down.  Really, I could get more sleep.  I need more sleep.  It should be a priority.

I’ll work on that.

Distractions and workouts

The past several days have not been all lace and doilies here in Brummerland.  Other than my completely normal physical feelings of being uncomfortable, I’ve also been incredibly distracted.  It’s hard to focus on anything that requires thinking,  and it’s a victory when I remember something important.

It’s also much easier for me to use how I feel as an excuse for eating ice cream or skipping workouts.  Sometimes that happens.  But for the past 3 days, I’ve tried really hard to stick with a regular workout routine.


“Baby Johnson”
AMRAP 15 min
9 KB deadlift (32 kg) (used 60#)
8 pullups (subbed ring rows)
8 ring dips
9 hang power cleans at 65# (used 55#)

Results: 5 rounds + 9 deadlifts + 8 ring rows + 8 ring dips


20 push press 65# (subbed 20# dumbbells to do this inside)
20 squats
20 knees-to-elbows (subbed side sit ups)

Time: 11:32


10 rounds
7 KB swings (M 2 pood / W 1.5 pood) (used 14kg)
5 burpees (subbed sprawls)

Time: 9:47

Extra work: 4 rounds of Tabata pushups

I was tempted to use the 1 pood, but I’ve been very cautious about anything that could strain my back.  My compromise was to drop it down to 14kg, but not 12kg, because that’s just too light.

Today I’ll find out what happens next with baby — planned surgery or wait until nature signals it’s time.  I’m thinking that’s what’s been distracting me.  Ya think?


The virus I’ve been suffering through kicked my rear-end for several days.  I was toast all weekend and Monday.

Toast = NO FUN

And I did not eat clean.  It was Luke’s birthday, so I was all about cupcakes and ice cream.  It was heavenly.  And exhausting.

But 9 hours of sleep Monday night did a body good, and I felt human enough to show up for Crossfit and not feel like death.  They tweeted the wrong workout, so I thought we were going to do pullups and thrusters (Ugh).  Instead we did this:

Cleans (M 135# / W 95#)
Ring Dips

Time: 7:45

I used the 45# bar, but instead of modifying the cleans to hang power cleans, I did my best to pull from the deadlift position and land in a squat (a high squat — since I can’t go below parallel). That made it harder.

And this time, I used the band to help with the ring dips and get my feet off the floor.  I felt awkward, and still had a toe out for stability, but the weight was in my arms this time.  It definitely made it more challenging.

Thank goodness for workouts

If it weren’t for my workouts, I  don’t think I’d make it through the day.

Seriously.  On the days I workout in the morning, I can go at least an hour longer until I completely crash, which lately has been early evening.

Yes, I have gotten to the point where I need a daily nap.  I’m just too tired to go on, much to my 3-year-old’s chagrin, because he would like me to be awake and play with him.

Today was no different.  It was a long day, and at 5pm, I was toast.  I got up after an hour, very grumpy, but thankful for the little bit of rest I got.

Don’t get me wrong — today’s WOD was tough — but the residual energy it leaves with me really helps me get through the morning and early afternoon.  Without the exercise, I’m tired ALL DAY.

30-20-10 KB clean (M 32k / W 24k)
10-20-30 Ring dips

Time: 6:35

I realized I ran through this a little fast.  My kettlebell was only a 12k — maybe I should have sought out a 14k or 16k?.  And the ring dips on one foot went fast.  Next time, I’ll do them with a band.  It’s time.

In the meantime… time for sleep.  There’s too much to do each day to be tired.


Andy and Luke were sick earlier this week with something that hit their gastro-intestinal system.

It APPEARS I have avoided the same fate, thus far (knock-on-wood).  I hope?  I mean, I feel good.  A little sleepy because of the bruising schedule I’ve been keeping (Up at 5am every day, to bed late).  Now that I’m working from home, the work never ends!

It helps when I get up and go workout, rather than just sit in front of the computer and sip coffee.  This is what awaited me this morning:

Front squats


75 ab-mat sit ups

Thrusters (M 115# / W 75#)
Ring dips
Push ups

75 ab-mat situps

“Yikes!” is what I thought when I checked Facebook before heading out this morning.

So here’s how it turned out.

On the front squats: 65-95-105

Remember, I’m not supposed to squat too much weight.  I can honestly say I was itching to lift heavier.  105 was not easy, but it wasn’t the hardest weight I can do.

Now for the met-con — 12:26.

I was one of very few that actually finished this WOD, because the cutoff was 15 minutes and it was so frickin’ hard!  And, again, I had to scale it for my current state, so that made it much easier to accomplish.

Zach and I decided I should do 76 side situps (38 on each side) in lieu of the ab-mat situps.  We talked about crunches, but I went for the situps.  I used the 45# bar for the thrusters.  I almost used the 35# bar, but I decided it was too easy.  My ring dips are still scaled with one foot on the ground, and of course, my pushups are on my knees.

There’s still months to go before Madeline is born, and I find myself longing for fall.  Not because it’s hot right now, but I want to go back to the way I was.  I want to lift heavy and run fast and all that.  I want to remake my body, even better than I did after Luke was born.  I want to do unassisted pull ups, be able to deadlift 1 1/2 times my body weight and maybe even get my first muscle up.  I want to participate in all the same stuff as my classmates — the Spartan, the Garage Gym Throwdown, the Olympic Lifting seminar.


Patience is a virtue, I’m told.  I’m still working on it.

Dead sore

I love Thursdays.  Why?

Have you ever had a trip planned, and the day before you feel all excited and anxious because of all the cool stuff you’re going to do?  That’s how Thursdays feel for me — every Thursday.

So despite being sore from Monday and Tuesday’s workouts, I was in a good mood when I saw —

Dead lift
5 x 2
AMRAP in 15 Min
10 GHD situps
10 ring dips
10 burpees
10 Sumo Dead lift High Pulls (M 2 pood / F 1.5 pood)

Let’s be clear — I WILL pay for doing dead lifts again this week.  But I felt good during the WOD.

Lisa and I teamed up because our dead lift max is the same.  We did 5 rounds, but realized we started too light and wanted to bump up another 10#, so we ended up doing a 6th round.

My results: 125-135-145-155-165-175

We had to rush to get started on the 2nd WOD, which was modified to 10 minutes because of time constraints.  Zach also changed it to ab mat sit ups because of the number of people.  I had to modify even further — my sit ups were 5 on each side and my ring dips were scaled with one foot on the ground.

I did the SDLHP Rx, which was hard and slowed me down a little.

Results: 4 rounds + 10 sit ups + 4 ring dips

I’ve got a core workout planned for tomorrow with a little running thrown in.  Hopefully Andy will not be as sore and tired as he was last night so he can join me.

Thank you, may I have another?

I put Andy through his paces Wednesday night with a WOD I saw was scheduled for Crossfit Central.  At first I thought I would scale down the number of reps, but the competitive part of myself got the better of me.

For time:
75 box jumps (step ups for me)
45 ring dips (dips off the deck for Andy)
25 burpees (squat thrusts for me)
45 DB shoulder press (Andy used 25# and I used 15#)
75 box jumps (step ups)

This was a doozy, but I really liked it.  It took me 19:33 to complete, but I’m really just keeping time now out of habit and to know when to cut things off.  I’m not trying to go as fast as I used to.

Andy beat me of course, but that’s been happening as I progress and Andy gets stronger.

My back was a little sore afterward, which I didn’t expect, and I iced up before bed.  I was thinking, “Watch, they’ll have us do deadlifts tomorrow.”

And you know what?  They did.

The first WOD was:


Zach advised us to start with 75% of our max (mine is 185) and work up to 80% or 85%.  My partner Lisa and I have the same max, so we started at 140 and worked up to 160.

I felt really good, and I was really proud when Zach told everyone to watch me as I did them because my form was spot on.  Not bad for a preggo!

Results: 140-150-160

The second WOD was:

3 rounds
12 renegade rows (M 45# / W 25#)
50 double unders (100 singles)

I used 20# dumbbells on the renegade rows.  I attempted double unders, but I was unsuccessful, so most of my jumps were singles.

Time: 9:44

I was a little worried the doctor would fuss at me during my appointment today because I know I haven’t gained much weight. (Still wearing my jeans — just unbuttoned with a band!)  I was right about the small weight gain, but I have gained some, so she’s not worried.

The nurse had a hard time finding baby so she could count its heart rate.  It kept moving around — that little thing is ACTIVE!  I get to find out what it is at the end of the month when we do the big ultrasound.  I’m so excited!

Mornings are mine

When I tell people what time my Crossfit class is, I usually get the same response.  Most people can’t understand waking up at 5am to go and work your ass off for 45 minutes.  But it’s mornings like this that are why I do it.

Sure, the workout was great, but it’s the time after that I relish.  The boys are still asleep — enjoying the spring break relax in our hectic schedule — and the house is quiet.  I’ve taken care of a few odds and ends.  The hardest part of my day is already over, and I can enjoy what’s to come.

And hard it was.

Max Reps:
2 min row (calories) / 1 min rest
2 min front squat (135# / 95#) / 1 min rest
2 min pull-ups / 1 min rest
2 min burpees / 1 min rest
2 min ring dips / 1 min rest

It looked daunting, but it turned out to be an awesome WOD.  I used 65# on the bar for front squats, and I have finally dropped down fully to the blue band on pull-ups.  I did ring dips supporting myself with one foot.  My reps came out like this:

24 / 29 / 32 / 24 / 20

One thing I noticed this morning was how tight my hamstrings are.  The punter kicks during the warmups were pure agony.  Fortunately, they didn’t slow me down during the WOD, but I know I need to roll them out today, because sitting at my desk all day will not help.

In the meantime, I’m looking for a good WOD to do at home tomorrow.  Gotta stay on top of it — I wanna be a hot mamma!

A week of workouts

It’s been a week since I wrote anything in this blog, if you haven’t noticed.  With Christmas and family in town, I just didn’t have time or the desire to interrupt the fun by sitting down at the computer to write. That doesn’t mean I didn’t workout, though.

I tried to fit in a workout most days here at home to tide me over until family left and I could get back to the gym.  The keys for me were brevity and intensity.

On Christmas Eve, I did two mini-WODs:

WOD 1)
5 rounds
10 jumping squats
10 sprawls
10 1-armed pushup attempts

Time: 5:30

WOD 2)
OH squats with rebar (10 lbs?)

Time 6:05

We skipped working out on Christmas Day.  It was just too nice and relaxing, but I talked my brother into joining us in a backyard workout on Saturday.  We did a home version of “J.T.”

Handstand pushups
Ring Dips

Time: 10:01

We scaled the handstand pushups by going off the deck, and there weren’t enough rings, so we just did low dips off the edge of the porch.  My brother strained or pulled something in his wrist, so he didn’t finish.

I was hoping to do an endurance workout on Sunday, but Andy wasn’t feeling well, and I didn’t want to do hill sprints alone, so I came up with another home WOD and he timed me.

4 rounds
30 squats
20 situps
10 pushups
30 mt. climbers

Time: 9:34

On Monday, I took my parents to the airport at 5:30am, so I decided to stop at Town Lake on the way home for a short run.  It was really weird running in the dark, and I was freaked out at first.  I occasionally ran across other runners, so I started to relax after a while.  I definitely need a light and a little something to keep in my pocket if I plan to do that again — maybe a pocketknife?  I could swing it like a daggar at a potential attacker.  Hahahaha… just kidding.  Chances are I’ll be able to outrun an attacker, and I know enough self-defense to protect myself.  A little light would be good though — I suspect the greater hazard would be falling off the trail and down a cliff.

I ran the 3.1 mile loop from the MoPac bridge to the Pfluger pedestrian bridge in about 30 minutes.  Than I went home, changed my clothes and showed up at Kung Fu for the first time in two weeks.  Gotta practice — test is only 2 months away.