Sugar highs and jump ropes

Hello.  My name is Cindy.  I am a sugar addict.

I can back from “vacation” with a goal to eat fairly clean and get off the sugar until Luke’s birthday party.  AT LEAST.  Oh my.  What good intentions.

It started Tuesday with a lunch seminar at Maggiano’s.  I shunned the pasta, yet ate some of the ice cream off of a dessert.  Then, after a crazy Wednesday, I told Andy it was either wine or chocolate, so he chose chocolate.  And on Thursday… oh Thursday.  Andy and I had lunch and decided to walk into a place at Arbor Walk.

They had samples.

I was hooked.  This is what I had:

Oh Tootie Pies, why did you tempt me with such delicious samples?

This is a horrible photo of the slice of chocolate pecan pie I ate, which was carefully presented on a place with whipped cream and chocolate sauce art.

I am sooooooooo glad this place is not in an area I frequent.  Because it was delicious.

Sigh.  Oh well.  My motto has always been that if you’re going to eat sugar, it should be quality stuff — not crap.

I’m not sure Thursday’s workout even came close to making up for it.

Hang Squat Clean

Results: 65-75-85-85-85

I focused on form rather than weight for this strength session.  The heavy cleans were difficult to master.  Steph and I were working together, and it was great because she was pointing out areas where I needed improvement.  I can’t wait to take the Oly class she’s doing.

For Time:
Double unders
Box jumps

Results: 2 rounds + jump rope + 17 box jumps in 12 minutes

It was 3 singles for every double, but I made at least 10 double under attempts each round.  And guess what!  I succeeded most of the time!  I’m still working on my double unders, but I am proud that I have improved a lot.  It’s starting to click for me, and I’m going to work on them a lot more — not becuase I have something to prove, but because they’re just kind of fun.

Did I just write double unders are fun?


Merry, merry

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmases!

I must admit, I feel pretty conflicted about my merriment today.  I feel like I ate and ate. First it was the remaining chocolate candies sent to us by a chocolatier who lives across from my parents.  Then it was a truffle.  Then I got the itch to bake more sugar cookies because (ahem!) Andy ate the majority of the last batch and I only got one!

Andy also served his most-delicious chocolate mousse — after we feasted on an amazing brisket, with sweet potatoes and kale for dinner.

And then we had to eat the cookies Luke left out for Santa.  You know how it is….

So, yeah.  The eating got a little crazy today.  I don’t think it will be much better tomorrow.

Part of me says, “Don’t worry!  It’s OK!”  But another part of me worries that I’m doing myself in and shouldn’t be enjoying so much.

I go through this every time I also myself the smallest indulgence.  Is it because of worries about performance, like on the run I’ll be doing Sunday?  Or is it the remnants of years of conventional diets and being fat and worrying that I’ll look like that again?  Probably some of both.

For now, I think I’ll try to turn off the worries and enjoy the food.  I don’t get to do this very often.  I know I’ll be back to eating clean on Sunday.  I’ll have to defeat the sugar monster again, but it’s worth it to enjoy the merriment with the people closest to me.