Attack of the double workout

It’s happened.

My weekend workouts have brought me to my knees.

It’s Sunday afternoon.  I’m wiped.  I’m already in my pajamas. It’s agony to stand up and walk, and sitting on the couch is about the only thing I can do.

I’m dreading the next time the baby needs me to get up and tend to her.

So what brought me to this sorry state?  Definitely Saturday’s team workout, with a run and a double WOD on top.

Jenny and I ran a couple of miles Sunday morning, since the Paramount 5K is closing in fast.

Then, Beth and Stephanie and I met at Zilker around midday to do Week 5’s endurance WOD.

16 rounds tabata running
20 sec sprints / 10 sec rest

We started on the trail across Barton Creek from Lou Neff Point and headed east to Auditorium Shores.  In the 8 minutes, we made it there and then some, covering 1 mile — which is pretty fast for me.  I actually thought this one was going to be fun, but with the rests so short, it was hard to regroup.  I found myself gasping the time to the others, only to hear the bell a second later.

We walked back to the playscape, which was a nice recovery.  Then Stephanie and I decided to knock out one more WOD for the week.  It was a calculated decision to pile up 2 workouts in one day.  I already knew I was going to be tired on Monday.  I chose to rest instead of pushing through until Friday without one.

At the top of a dumbbell sumo deadlift high pullHalfway through a dumbbell swing

We chose a spot in the field near the playscape at Zilker.  We got quite a few looks as we swung around those dumbbells, which was awesome.  I love attracting attention sometimes.

I had Beth take some pictures of us while she timed the workout.  Here’s what we did:

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Time: 8:03

I used a 30# dumbbell (the weight for the elite level).

I think I’m going to go to sleep early tonight.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…

These are the crazy days of our lives

I’m surprised I’m awake at this hour.  The past two days at work have been nuts.  Of course, yesterday was much worse than today, thanks so some idiot who decided to fly his plane into a building.  I worked an 11 hour shift and came home and collapsed.

Andy’s comment was, “At least you already did a WOD.”

True, very true.  It was a good one too:

5 rounds
15 overhead squats (M 95# / W 65#)
400m run

I know I *could* have done 45#, possibly 50# for the overhead squats, but I decided to play it safe and go for speed rather than weight.  I chose a 35# bar.  As an added benefit, I didn’t have to pair up with anyone, so no one had to wait on me to finish a set.  I felt bad enough slowing Lisa down on Tuesday.

This was the first time I wore my Vibrums for a running WOD.  I need to work up to running longer distances, so I’m glad I wore them. (My calves hurt today as a result.)

My goal was to take as few breaks as possible and work on form.  Honestly, I felt good.  I was definitely pushing it.  I did all of the lifting sets without putting down the bar, and I worked really hard to squat low.  Even though my runs were kind of slow, I finished in good time: 17:05.

Today, I did the week’s Endurance WOD with my friend Pam.  We met up at the track across from the gym and got to watch a couple of kids making out on the bleachers while we warmed up and started.  Uh… ick.

4 rounds
Tabata walking lunges (4 sets)
400 m run
(*Rest the time it took to run 400m)

I’m having trouble remembering that time a few months ago when I enjoyed running.  I would really like to get that feeling back again, because it’s no fun not getting along.  Basically, the running was hard.  Fortunately, my times were pretty consistent — about 2 minutes for each run.  The total workout time took about 22 minutes.


One more challenge WOD to take of from this week, and then we’re onto Week 7!  Almost there!