Life in an Uproar

As much as I try to keep going about life as usual, it’s almost impossible now that the move to Austin is officially on. Our house has been thrown into an uproar, with boxes and clutter everywhere. I have to admit… some of it’s my fault. There probably wouldn’t be so much clutter if I cleaned the house as regularly as it needs. Cleaning is not my favorite chore. I love a clean house, but detest the actual cleaning process because it usually takes me days. Oh, yeah. This move is going to be fun.
Andy and I started by taking an inventory of our stuff and estimating the number of boxes we will need. Okay, let me just say that we have a lot of crap. We were liberal in our box estimates and added 20% to that. At the time, it seemed like a large estimate. When the boxes arrived I thought, “Yeah, this will be enough.” Ummm… I’m starting to have second thoughts. We still haven’t finished packing the downstairs garage room, and we’ve already used 10 boxes. Andy’s been throwing out a lot of his old papers… but we’ve already filled up the recycle bin. I guess that’s what happens when you settle into a place for 2 years. You collect crap. And books. Hundreds and hundreds of books. Andy tried to get me to give my books away because I don’t “read” them anymore. I like my books. I love having a library of my own. I may read them again one day. Or read some of them for the first time. I have a lot of books I haven’t read. Hence the reason I’m not allowed to buy books right now. I have too many to read as it is.
So, we’re cleaning out closets and rooms… looking for stuff we haven’t used in years. Because if you haven’t used it or worn it… will you? Probably not. There are five big garbage bags of clothes and hangers waiting to be picked up by a local charity, plus some kitchen items we don’t want. It seems like a lot, but it still isn’t enough to put a dent in the load of crap we’re moving. My only hope is that we will end up with a place that’s big enough to store all of this stuff so that we don’t forget we have it and buy more crap. Ahh, the cycle continues. Sigh….