Distance Loves Company

A word of advice for couples: if you can avoid long distance relationships, do. It’s not that they can’t be survived. A relationship can even be stronger after dealing with the long-distance frustration. But it’s hard. Really hard. Andy and I are dealing with our second long-distance relationship. The first one lasted three years and ended just before we got married. At the time, we had the luxury of taking turns to drive and see each other every other weekend. We were only 3 hours apart. This time, we’re three states apart and more than 500 miles. Fortunately, we have cell phones and unlimited PCS to PCS minutes this time. And with the holidays, time off to fly to see each other. Still, combine the stress of moving with that of the holidays, plus the strain of missing the one you love, and hearts tend to weigh heavy. I thought it would be easy. Only a few weeks and bam! It would be over. As it turns out, it will be a bit longer than we planned. In fact, it sometimes seems as if it will never end.
So I offer one more piece of advice for couples: hang tight, but if you have to be apart, talk as much as you can and let the other person vent, vent, vent. I promise you, they’re not mad at you. They’re mad at the situation and the stress, and it’s better to get out all those emotions. Pent up feelings can cripple you. Take it from someone who knows, and who’s been through this a few times herself.