Renter's Hell

Forgive me, but I’m going to rant for a little while… about how RUDE people are when they are looking for a place to rent. A little background… our lease is not up until July, and Andy and I agreed to help our landlord find a new tenant, so that we would be able to end our lease without any further obligations. That’s what happened when we moved in… the people before us were breaking their lease… but we didn’t sublet. We signed our own lease.
Well, I’m now in renters’ hell. I have people calling, getting the address, driving by, and cancelling. Okay, so the place is not as manicured as it could be… BUT IT’S A RENTAL!!!! What do they expect?! I’m just a renter, whose husband is 500 miles away, and can’t lift the lawnmower over the fence. ACK!! I had one woman call on behalf of a client (it seemed promising at first) who proceeded to lecture about what I needed to do to make the place more appealing. (Her husband had driven by with a video camera a day before the scheduled appointment) Well, for one thing, lady, you saw the tarp because I was cleaning and didn’t expect you today!!! There’s no “For Rent” sign out front!! Then she told me her client would sublet from me… Ummm… NOOOOOOOO. I’m going to be 500 miles away when the new renter moves in. There will be no subletting. Because I want nothing more to do with the house. Once the truck is loaded and I’m on the road, the house is history in my mind. She even tried to influence me by implying that I was desperate and should do whatever she says, otherwise I would be locked into the lease forever. Well so be it. I want to be with Andy now more than anything, but if I have to stay, I have to stay. As my mom reassured me… just be patient, and the right renter will come along. There is a reason for everything, and maybe Andy and I just need a little more time to find our first house. I’ve got friends putting the word out, and other prospective renters calling and setting appointments. So in the words of one of my best friends and boss… fuck ’em.