On a hiatus

So, there hasn’t been much activity here in the past few months, but I’ve had a very good reason — the birth of my daughter.

Starting around the 9th month of pregnancy and up until now, I haven’t had much interest in even sitting down at the computer, much less updating a blog.

It’s not like I have an amazing amount of free time now, but it’s time to settle back into a regular schedule again — as much as is possible with a newborn.

Working from home will continue to be a challenge — even more so now with two children — but I’m learning when I can have a few hours during the day to work uninterrupted.  Fortunately, my 4-year-old is in school most of the day, so it’s easier to find those moments — as fleeting as they may be.

What helps is my body’s need to sit and relax.  If I didn’t need to heal, I would be running around trying to take care of endless chores, housework and errands.  As much as I hate having to rest and the associated pain that is causing that need, I’m choosing to view it as a good thing.  Not only am I figuring out when I can work, but drastically slowing down has allowed me to catch up on reading, both professionally and for fun.  It’s been a long time since I actually read a book in its entirety that wasn’t for my son.  In the past couple of weeks I’ve read 5 books.

I have a feeling I’ll be headed to a bookstore soon… or maybe I should get one of those Kindle’s — Andy, my mom and many friends say they love them.

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