SXSWi Panel: Designing Ideas, Not Objects

It’s been more than a week since South By Southwest Interactive ended, and now that I’m finally back into a routine, I wanted to share some of the amazing stuff I learned through the conference.  I’ll be posting a new one each day this week.

Today’s topic: Designing Ideas, Not Objects, presented by Robert Brunner, Industrial Designer for Ammunition.  Audio from the talk is available through the link above.  He had some awesome visuals to go along with the presentation, and hopefully the video will be available in the coming months.

I didn’t take as many notes through this talk, because it was all about the visuals and the examples Brunner (love his name) gave.

Basically, all that matters is your passion — that you care.

What matters:

  • Think ideas, not objects
  • No one believes your stories anymore (i.e., it doesn’t work to wrap a story around a bad idea)
  • Branding is dead
    It’s not a log or ads or the product.  It’s a gut feeling about a product or company.  And you can’t control it.

Brunner also talked about the path of taking a product from usable to useful to desirable, and why innovation stems directly from risk.

Brunner wrote a book called “Do You Matter?  How Great Design Will Make People Love Your Your Company” which goes into more detail about the theories in this talk, but again, the visuals and examples were key to this talk, so check back on SXSWi’s site for those.

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